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Turtlebold by Telebold Turtlebold :icontelebold:Telebold 7 3
Fickle fledgling reveals a wizard in a toga
Togachu in homble bozers talks tokens
Taking wisend ends wise with walkers
Through forests of trouble and weekender
To make to mako intake tobacco smoke
Breathe out the wind out and otherwise
Sympathize with my wide eyes cloak blinking
Blindingly stinking she sees with knees
Tambourines colored tangerine clang toms
Skin bombs breaking song they intervene
Long lengths of legato between chinks in
Stogmato because its really in votro that they
Carry away.
My seamstress, oh mistress, don't distress or
Stress in this, instead could you bless this
Listy mess christ! In brine does he wine in blood
Does mud and crud smother the mother the
Loud lover.
Wake up you walking wakers in moments of movment, walk awake a wake walks a waking wake walks your slumbering blunder, blow asunder embered work chambers moveth
Waking remainders.
:icontelebold:Telebold 1 0
Credulous Cat
Credulous cat
What's a matter with that?
Nothing I say,
Nothing he says
Credulous cat
Why so troubled
My mind's in a bubble
No it's not. No it's not.
Credulous cat
I think you are fat!
I am so fat he says
So he goes on a diet.
Credulous cat
You can eat what you want
I don't know what I want
You want some fresh cream
Credulous cat
Sociopolitical agenda.
Credulous cat
Why don't you sit?
He goes in a frenzy
Because I am it.
Credulous cat
Yeah he says
Credulous cat
Oh I love you
Then please feed me too!
I do and I do.
Credulous cat
At night you must rest
But I sleep all the day
At night is the best.
Credulous cat
Your tiny dream feet
Patter away
As you drift off to sleep.
Credulous cat still sleeps during the day.
:icontelebold:Telebold 2 1
Telebold, Telebolder, Teleboul
Breathing is difficult to do when you have your nose plugged and a finger in your mouth. Aside from a choking hazard, you're also positioning yourself to be summing alien intelligence, suposidly.
Think of children who hold themselves in concempt. They pout and squeel and mess themselves until they are over whatever it is that they once was angry about. My point is that they may put fingers in their holes (noses and mouthes that is) in order to probe greater questions like "what is this?", a question that is crutial to developing our mental capacities. It is a question that explores what is alien to us, in other words foreign, and it makes the unknown known, or the unknown part of our focus.
Breathing is always difficult when exploring unknown things, which I argue is a result of us putting out hands and fingers up our noses. Its only until we take them out that we realize that the air is so much fresher on the other side.
:icontelebold:Telebold 1 0
In Empty Ocean
A naughty speck cracks flesh into wanting
Suchers like chains hold a clasp
Wounds are like dogs, always needing
Begging then forgetting hypocrite dogs
A product of short memories like shells,
Discarded but remnant. A dog's mind is like
An ocean, vast and open, leaving its shells
On the shore. Open wounds crevacing spaces
Of pressure, illicit anger or maybe embrace.
Getiing angry because you care a great deal,
Perhaps even love, perhaps even want to
Have sex with, some jelly angerfuck wanting,
Cracked flesh spreading, drawing water in
Sucking pressure, life and memories
Into discarded shells on the shore.
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
This is a stegasaur, its makes a noise in the swampy backwoods of a dried up creed. A feast is presented to the beast, ten virgin stegasauri waiting for his thick meaty rule.
But then, a brontosaur comes to claim what is his, the dried up creek is home to a latent power crystal that the scientist dinosaur can use to fuel his time machiene.
A fierce battle ensues, many bloody corpses are strewn about in the mad brotosaurus' wake, for he had a single goal to overcome, having did that he would have to face an even more difficult challenge.
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
I'm so drunk right now and I have to travel home,
People are asleep because they feel the same way too,
They're waiting for a bed to cradle them to sleep,
Without regard or knowledge to the problems of the past,
I want to take this moment home of enjoyment everlasting,
But like all things impermanent, it all must come down crashing,
The moods they feel nostalgilent, the moods they feel okay,
The mood that makes me want to live is the mood I try to remember.
So home I make my way toward across treacherous terrain,
When the moment comes when I am home and softly in my bed.
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
Preachy Deachy
Don't believe in severed heads, all the hype that has been generated by the media about how we can't reform our hearth.
Don't believe in Mexican suchure, those togomen that blast their horns of rebel and culumnious strife.
Don't believe in Africa who puts the white man dog-down, supremancy is a human condition that is color-blind.
Don't believe in crap music, feelings are free, art is a taste of wasted time, everything you do is a waste of time.
Don't believe in psuedo notions of them, they say, I heard some people, some people say; they do not exist.
Don't believe in imaginary things, even the ones you concoct. They will find a way of infiltrating your reality.
Don't believe in the total meaning. Its out to get you can consumate with your head. If you like children you might like.
Don't believe with people who have photoshoped mouthes, makes me want to puch them and beat them around.
Don't believe in your agression unless it's against yourself. Always improve yourself, not others, the
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
I Want to Go Swimming
If feet are pills then I want to go swimming
Small pellet floating devices beam me adrift
Little spongy eggs ensure my safe sojourn
Between my legs, these buoyant capsules
Take me to the deep end, the pressure chamber
For I don't fear to sink when I have my pills
My precious escape to the other end of the pool
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
Lines Are
These lines are everstretching
Zooming by in blurs of burnish
Streaks in the window travel
In the oposite direction
Black lines mar the surface
Of a much larger invisible circle
If space is curved them I am
Traveling in a larger circle too
Everlasting black white and grey
Lines circle about the window
In a frantic dance contrary to
The direction I am moving against.
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
Two Strange Twins
Tulliver and Tolliver are two strange twins, they used to shock the neighbors by taking their rakes and heging the yard with topiyary animals, they used to play piano for seven years but they just quit.
It came time for the recital, and none of them knew how to play the piano, it had been too long.
The only thing that either of them could do was take their lessons of cutting grass and making noise with ordinay instruments. It was a disaster to say the least but the important thing was that they had fun.
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0
Glowing Dicks
Totalizing narratives, themelic bold. Vegemite
on bread never tasted golden fries. Horror
movies break old fears like a glow stick.
Glowing dicks. Freaks of holocaustic nuclear
oven mitts. Baking is like a game; it takes time
to make. Excellent theories are broken down by
logic and motifs.
:icontelebold:Telebold 2 0
Get Thouse Nonces RAP
Creatish block, b locking my veins, music plays staying the same
Round agin dingo toys in the attic, spining round in circles like I'm going frantic
Until some strange tune harks up some slow noise, it breaks the wind like I'm playing with the boys
The seat's making my butt itchy, I think ill have to take the creeam bitchy
Great lakes and castles are marking the enterprise, I gots to make connections and sever the old ties
Making a fist to the air like some  sort of rebel, but all we're doing is saluting the devil, hell
Is gonna pay for this inhumanity, slaughtering humans in epidemic insanity
My rhyme's like aperthid, I cleanse them all to shit.
Hahahaha BOYs
:icontelebold:Telebold 0 0

Random Favourites

Weekly Feature 38 - Hats
Hello again everyone! :wave:
This week my feature is HATS! So here are ten relatively recent Artisan Craft deviations around that theme. I tried to pick something from different categories, making sure the deviations are not too old. :)

A batch (or school? ;) ) of Koi hats! I would love to see one of these actually worn.

This mad hatter pony is very detailed and its little hat is very detailed.

Pirate bunny hat! :D

A gorgeous has hand made from leather.

VIKINGS! :love:

This hat is actually edible.

A beautiful maroon colored hand made hat.

This hat is made from aluminum.

A delightful, custom ordered kitty hat.

A beautiful and colorful mini top hat.
If you enjoyed this feature, please :+fav: this news article! And don't forget to show the artists some love, too! :love:
Previous Features:
:iconmyntkat:MyntKat 27 5
3/19: D. M. Gremlin Studios Monthly SoCal devMEET!
March 19 from 6pm-midnight is our monthly devMEET and Studio Open House night at D. M. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach, CA!
Official Event Web Page and RSVP Information is HERE.
Info is also here on the #DMGremlinStudios devMEET module.
This event is hosted by DMGremlinStudios: Studio owner wynnesome (me), along with Battledress and Doomsday-Dawn.
At every month's event, we meet up with deviants, give studio tours, share portfolios, and have a lot of fun.  At least one room of the studio is always set up for open casual photo shooting.  We change things up a bit from month to month, and some events include formal production photo shoots, mini-workshops, live music, backlot bbq's, or other activities.  We provide soft drinks, and all other food
:iconwynnesome:wynnesome 11 8
Stock and Awe 60
:iconznow-white: :iconhanratty-stock:
Stock Gallery | Stock Forum
Resources Gallery | Resources Forum
StockandResources | communityrelations
Welcome to the sixtieth edition of the still awesomely named Stock and Awe a series of newsletters as suggested by you!
Stock FAQ
To avoid having staff/volunteers move/remove your images - please ensure they follow these guidelines:
    :star: Size must be a MINIMUM of 600x600pixels (excluding vintage portraits that are relatively small and of low quality)
    :star: No heavy distortion due to blur/noise/grain (this rule is case-by-case an
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 65 37
So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 71
Welcome to this week’s volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 71st volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.
:bulletred: Featured Emoticons: :bulletred:
Just looking at blogblogblog by pyrofiend324 brings a smile to my face. The simple animation works really well in the piece and the expression just enhances the emoticon all round.
I really adore MONEH by KlauS92. The animation is extremely fluent throughout and the details in the shadow and background work really well with the piece.
For anyone sick and tired of the :la: craze going through the gallery, : IDidntSayIdFightFairISaidId: by MenInASuitcase is the emote for you. Its original idea is displayed really well with an awesome pi
:iconsynfull:Synfull 82 58
Magic of Dolls [art feature]
Here is a massive doll feature, I do love this kind of dolls  I hope you will too.
Like all my features here, I try to give not only the popular and the big artist, but some not so popular, and show of the small artist as well. I really hope I manage to do just this. I tried to show of the verity and the wideness of this very lovely and beloved hobby :heart:
I really hope you like this, and that you don't fall asleep browsing the pictures ^^;
Please enjoy!

:thumb156335632: :thumb156377693:
..bella.. by ball-jointed-Alice :thumb156585925: :thumb156524503:
Touch the sky by Geekisthecolour Wrestling a goldfish by Brutalion Dakara Watashi wa Utau by Quilofire
Don't leave me by Withered-Body :thumb156577145: Sunrise by pandamangaugau
Lamb Chop Pullip by VampireKetsuki :thumb156518638: Look in my eyes. by Maeglindark
Tender3 by Agrith mechanicalhand II by Ringdoll Roy+ by lavIroxmiSox
Heroin V by GothicHinata It's Not Me, It's You by Mar-la l i g h t by MrRomanchikku
:iconlajvio:lajvio 139 116
Obscured Photos: 0-5 Comments // Issue 05
:iconobscuredphotos: :iconobscuredphotos: :iconobscuredphotos:
Featured Photos
Abstract & Surreal
~featured by LucidGypsy, xbrittx102 and GilWarzecha

Animals, Plants & Nature
~featured by GilWarzecha, WorldWar-Tori and ObscuredPhotos

~featured by AnubisNova, Marcello-Paoli and GilWarzecha

~featured by 3wyl
  Prejudice by k-fer Devil's Peak by donaldsart
Horror & Macabre
~featured by pullingcandy
Dishes by absence-is-steel :thumb123521254: :thumb103697822:
~featured by violetlight, Iluvocnj2006 and ObscuredPhotos
borrowed heaven. by Blissleep Purple rain by AngiWallace Closer Look, part VII by ModestManiac
People & Portraits
~featured by aki-o, Tourdumondiste and
:icon3wyl:3wyl 31 6
Daily Literature Deviations for March 8, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for March 8th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
Please show your support by :+fav:ing this News Article
Don't hesitate to comment or :+fav: the artists for their hard work!
:star: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one of your pieces featured by DLD please note us. We will include you and your piece in a special recognition news article. :star:
featured by: RunningBear5858

"In The Puppeteer's Absence" by Freakomaniacadisical
A gorgeously written poem describing the
author running around the world, in the absence of a god.
The concept itself is interesting to begin with, and the
language is so compelling, it will leave you wanting more
and more until the very last line.
Featured by hell-on-a-stick

:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 52 3
~ Green Photography ~
:bulletgreen: Forum, Friends and Random Deviants   :bulletgreen:
  Green Mamba III by jayvoh   Hey by laura242
:thumb125548392:  Snakes Don't Sweat by Injato   Greener -Edited- by S0uthernSun
Akasha Couture - IV by knatroka  Collector 1 by Xuisol   :thumb122679617:
:thumb124076825:  Charming: by LRedgatePhotos   Inside the emerald by 3PenProblem
Against all the odds by 3PenProblem   Vert Vivian by 3PenProblem   Open my eyes, I see sky by out-on-a-limb
Sunflower and Ladybug by snoogaloo   :thumb124759551:   Drops by ceciliay
Fence Line by BeauNArrow   cocinelle by YannickDellapina   the shadow of the spider by YannickDellapina
:thumb118237095:  gold lining by bitterrose6-gumitch    :thumb132642381:
:iconlilyanneboleyn:LilyanneBoleyn 29 31
Pictures and Writing Of The Day - 8th March 2010
:w00t: :spotlight-left: Welcome to the STAGES people! :spotlight-right: :w00t:
DATE : Thursday, 4th March 2010.
DETAILS : It's time for some features! But instead of saying feature, let me just said, Pictures & Writing of the Day! I only want to make this articles everyday because of the term ATTENTION and MENTION to some photography and literature that deserved more than just submitting. Favourite and comments are lovely too, but let me just say quickly, people want to know more than just that, they want your feedback. So simply, by either entering this into a group and then featuring them in our journal and articles, it will make them have more audiences. As they deserved it for their hard work... That is my opinion! :nod:
REMINDER : If anyone of you like to be put some messages here for the NEXT feature, please NOTE me! And I will then include some of my favourite works of you in the articles!
GET READY: You'll either be :faint: Or either be :headbang:!!! And I'm sure, day by day, y
:iconxinsomniakydx:xinsomniakydx 15 53
Contest: Originality
:star:Click the title of this news article to see all the details.:star:
:bulletwhite: Any medium accepted.
:bulletwhite: You could win a subscription. ;)
:icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 36 4
A Little Sip of Knowledge with Mattiello: Part One
Hello one, hello all! :wave:
I'm sure some of you Literary minded people have heard of GuildofWriters. If not, well then follow this link:
We'll be interviewing other prominent, and not so prominent writers within the dA community in the coming months.
Well without further ado, here's Part One of an inside look into our club's founder, Mattiello's life.
Enjoy! :w00t:
:bulletblue: :bulletpurple: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Blue] [Bullet; Purple] [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Blue]  
1) What or who inspired you to become a writer and why?
That's an interesting question in my case.  Actually, I deplored English in general until I hit my Junior year in high school (about 16 years old).  While on vacation, I had decided to write something about love, something everyone can relate to –not that there are not enough
:iconangelofgod87:AngelofGod87 16 12
Project Valentine Feature Finale!
It's finally completed!!!  :dance:  I'm super excited to announce that there were over 60 participants and over 250 comments made!!!!  :wow:  Thank you to everyone who participated, supported, and donated rewards!  It was an honor to host this event, and I'm ecstatic it went so well!  Many underappreciated artists were given love, and the participants went above and beyond of what I asked!  I thank each and every one of you whole-heartedly.  
Thank you! :heart:
:bulletred::iconcocoloveplz::bulletred::iconcocoloveplz::bulletred:Project Valentine Feature in a Nutshell::bulletred::iconcocoloveplz::bulletred::iconcocoloveplz::bulletred:
:bulletpink: Find at least 2 deviations with less than 10 original comments. (They must be someone else's deviations!)
[Bullet; Pink] Leave an awesome and thoughtful comment on each deviation. :la
:icontwistedhearts:TwistedHearts 57 68
DeviantDead presents: A zombie design contest!
:icondjvoiceplz::iconsaysplz: Just when we thought these undead monsters couldn't get more monstrous...
Read This Journal for information on how you can win a commission by :iconcoelasquid: and design some badass zombies in the process! Entries are due April 9th! Have at it!
:icondeviantdead:DeviantDead 20 37
NoseBleed-Yaoi Collection#2
Nose Bleed-Yaoi Collection #2 :heart:
The second addition of Nose Bleed-Yaoi Collection. A continuous collection of 30 wonderful yaoi-related deviations per article!
:thumb155800004: Breaking Point by Eun-su :thumb154067676: False Delusion by reirei18 :thumb154399280: :thumb153111637: -- Kusari: Magnet? -- by Kurama-chan :thumb155059247: No Valentine. by inma Kakashi x Yamato by Skylian HYC MASCOT by caydett V+V: Near to you :colored: by Mezamero My Only Kitten by Megumi-Pixels Just a Bit Lower by tealgeezus :thumb154854877: :thumb156567716: :thumb156292368: Appetite by Kogaijikun :thumb153595194: :thumb153378063:
First Addition:
Thanks everyone who created and uploaded these awesome submissions to Deviantart! :D :hug: More to come... eventually. ^-^
:iconlittlekai:LittleKai 30 34
Male Nudes Feature
In the spirit of the "Through New Eyes" contest running now through March 20, here is a feature of male figure nude art.
These pieces may be popular or unpopular, may have been Daily Deviations, may be works by artists I know or have never met, may show the Evil Penis or not, may be fully nude or not, and may be traditional and other arts as well as photographs. But, they all show appreciation of and expression through the male form.

Figure Study 20 by PhotographybyVictor
Birdy by Silmariena Yucano by vidi S C R E A M -2 by kraken11
Balance of fears by Sebastianude :thumb97553508:  
Male Nude 2 by shwtterbwg perfectSuffocation of me by zakharova
071117_D04_021 by Robert-James Escultura by guille1701
:thumb63210829: :thumb86051739: :thumb111888229:
Jazz by scottpix Male Nude 29 by Lion-Heart-Studio Chris by UweHof-Redmann
Prometheus waiting by stillman3  Living stone by Stefpan
:iconwynnesome:wynnesome 36 47




Telebold Mocha
Artist | Design & Interfaces
Just playing around. Message Goes here. Limit to three sentences thank yo.


Get Thouse Nonces RAP
Glowing Dicks
Lines Are
I Want to Go Swimming
Preachy Deachy
In Empty Ocean
Credulous Cat


Two Strange Twins
Telebold, Telebolder, Teleboulderado


Smelling Salts
The Tomunest Manifesto
Hanging Over
Some Dood


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