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Sleeping In

Poor Stardust, it's not easy having to stay up all night.

My character Stardust (formerly Starbrush). I seem to be changing her every time I draw her, and this time (though you can't see it) she lost her painting talent and focuses purely on collecting sparkly starlight.

I've had quite a lot of fun and a fair share of headaches with this one. About a month ago, I asked on the digital arts forum about what I could do to improve, and I got so many responses and tips and ideas and everything, so when I set out to make my next piece, I just plain didn't know where to start! I eventually managed to get something down on paper (or screen, as it were), and this is what I ended up with. Quite pleased with it, if I may say so myself, though I do have to practice making backgrounds one of these days, as well as textures... But that's the great thing about art, you never run out of things to do or practice!

All critiques are very welcome :)

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Art by me - please do not steal
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May I take that as a compliment? =P (Razz)  
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No, of cause not! That's why I'm completely astonished over this utterly wicked piece of digital art of yours.
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Well, thank you :D
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Nicely done. And these hair, so lovely ^^
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Thank you Meow :3  Hair is always one of my favorite part, but I'm not quite sure why ^^
NicolasDominique's avatar
Because they look awesome? xd
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I just love those sweet little birds!  A very nice touch for a wonderful image!
love the detail and lighting ehre!
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The brush work on the blanket is impressive. 
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Thanks, that blanket took forever! Was fun though :)
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your art is absolutely wonderful!!
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Thank you, I appreciate it :)
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She is very cute and your shading is great! :meow:
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Awwww...She looks just like me when I sleep in!! ^^ I love her color scheme too! ^^ 
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You're welcome!! ^^ 
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