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OPEN SPECIES - Meep Species

Meeps are my OPEN SPECIES and super old but still active on Amino and Discord!

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These creatures are very small. Their average size is a lower human arm. They are made by drawing on paper. They become real living creatures and hop out of the sheet!
They commucinace by screaming "AAAAAAA" or by "Meep meep". We only understand them if they want us to. Their planet they live on is called Alpha Ceti. The same planet Ukkats (…) live on.

Meep eyes are usualy a bit derp and have eyelashes. Short arms and a big round head.

Whats required:
- No visible nostrils/nose
- a black neck in any shape and form

They can:
- have any trait you want (wings, horns, gas tails, etc.)
- have any colors and markings
- have pointy or other shaped snoots
- be as tall as you want
- speak any language
- wear clothes
- shapeshift
- have powers
- have black flowers, crystals, gas, etc. as neck

You do NOT have to stick to any guidelines! It's your OC and you can do whatever you want.

Feel free to make as many as you want. You do NOT need approval


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