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Hi I'm Tel0din!


You are free to comment or to PM me!

I'm mostly posting Griffia


related stuff.

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LEAVING GRIFFIA - Griffians UFO [always open] by Tel0din, journal

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Hi there! I'm back from a really long break (like 5 years) and was going through my watchers list to see who all is still active and look through people's art. I found your profile and wow! I love your style. Do you ever do art trades or commissions outside of your trade journals?

Oh welcome back hiii!! I'm glad you like my style!! I dont do trades but for commissions you can DM me on Discord! I go by the same name there ^^

Hi Tel0din, I really love your artwork! I have a question for you: Are Llumis and Ukkats Open Species? Cuz I found them interesting. 😁 (I also heard the drama surrounding the Llumis that of the Grem2. That's really messed up bro :() I'm busy looking for awesome Species for my creative juices.

I'm also intersted in Bagbeans too~

All my species are open and can be edited however you want! And I did not create bagbeans if its that what you mean but I love bagbeans!!

So... I can create Llumis & Ukkats with limitless imagination? If so, that's so COOL! (Just making sure.)

And... You did not create Bagbeans??? I thought you created them hahaha. :))

hey!! I was curious if you would be interested in an art trade?? all okay if not!! ^^

Hi! I don't do trades atm sorry! <3