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Here is Bladecrest on a A3


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Here is Bladecrest on a A3


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Breathing Tides

Gazing Starlight

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DA muro 4

DA muro

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Otherworldly Sea Creatures

Aliens and Exotic Forms of Life

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Monsters and Other Entities

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My sweet friend

That sweetness of yours, it’s like a dream. I hope your care is exactly what it seems. I hope we stay as friends Together we can keep this trend I hope this joy never ends. You make me feel there’s,more to life to care about than just me. It is a tough world but your presence,make me feel less alone.


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Interstellar Society and how to make it work:

Known space consists of several small governments and corporations, all of which have different resources and practices. All of this spread over vast distances makes a centralized cohesive government more or less impossible. But instead of allowing everbody to fend for themselves, several influential agencies trying to spread and maintain common ideals is the better alternative. These so called Stellar Institutes (SIs) keep an eye on the various governments and corporations and make sure they follow basic ethical standards. While they are basically giant advocacy groups, think tanks and environmental/humanitarian organizations, they are powerful enough to enforce their will making them sort of like super-nations bossing around smaller nations. Enforcement methods include everything from simple whistle blowing and denial of service to even fines and ’justice wars’. As vast organizations, the Institutes themselves have no centralized ruling body with adherence to the basic ideals being

"Amazon B.E." space sci-fi world-building

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Birthday Greeting

"Gifts" to Transapient

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Birthday Greeting

Birthday Cards

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Fan Art

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Rebuild of Lovecraft

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Here is Bladecrest on a A3

HN-tSotL 2.0

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Giraffe Anthro


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