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DA muro

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Aliens and Exotic Forms of Life

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Monsters and Other Entities

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Anxiety is building up. Grim shadows lenghten, in the corners of my eyes. The dread gnaws my nerves. Disoriented in vertigo, It won’t let me go. I’m afraid I can’t do this, And panic strikes down! I can’t take it anymore! Blacked out, I shut down! Sensory input diminished, I’m in my inner sanctum. Wandering my dreams, Yearning to be tranquil. I hope brighter times will come, If I ever wakes up again. I don’t even know if there’s a demon or if it’s just me Or how long this cycle has been going I believe the misery was there since the beginning Maybe its true that hopelessness defines me! I c


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"Amazon B.E." space sci-fi world-building

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"Gifts" to Transapient

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Birthday Cards

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Fan Art

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Rebuild of Lovecraft

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HN-tSotL 2.0

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