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Ok so something's prompted me to try to render the most photo-real reflective-sphere-on-a-checkered-plane that I can. I'm pretty happy with the result. I'm rendering the final 1600x1200 version now, it's about 50% done after 8 hour rendering! Will upload when it's finished...

In related news, I've just found out a mate of mine has been creating very useable HDRI probes. Check them out at

[edit] here it is:…
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Ok going by responses on here it's pretty obvious I can't draw for shit, at least not even in the same league as my 3D stuff, so I'm gonna give it up until I have enough time to really practice drawing (probably in about 30 years when I retire). Anyways, I'm gonna keep going with the 3D stuff and also try some writing, though the writing probably won't ever appear here.

Just thought I'd mention it for any lurkers who care what I'm doing. And to that end, I'll go dig out a render I did recently and bung it up here for your entertainment.

[edit] and here it is:…
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