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A Perfect Circle-Pet

By tekniderm
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I was listening to a perfect circle, saw this pic, and saw a dark manip come out of the woodwork. Comments are welcome, use at will, abuse it if you must. It is but my pet.

-Stock Pic from ~stockem
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Haha Pet, I get it. And yes, I will use it.
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This is an awesome picture. It is very befitting for such an awesome band.
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Beautiful. This captures the feeling of APC for me. <3
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very nice. i love these guys. great manip!
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I have died by thine own hand. Lovely image.
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Reminds of part of the "weak and powerless" video where you see the chicks eye and it has the apc logo in it. surprised you labeled it pet.
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Really awesome and really reflects the atmosphere of The Perfect Circle.
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gReAt!!! Simply Perfect! ;)
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very nice.... XD
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sorry i had to have it, NOIC!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! that is fucking great. i would like to talk more about APC and TOOL if you are interested.
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yeah, actually i was wondering where you found the apc script.
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online, i don't remember exactly where, but look up A Perfect Circle symbols and font.
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lol i saw this picture when i listen this music "perfect circle,(mixed by renholder) "judith""
it's cool
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awsome. tiz my new background.
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