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Trail Cam

In honor of tonight's super blood moon, have a random werewolf picture! I did this on kind of a whim for my Patreon so it's a very loose attempt at the candid camera aesthetic. I'm not sure why he turned out super skinny either. I guess I just like skinnywuffs (though I actually enjoy drawing all kinds of body types, especially for werewolves.)

If you like this and you like werewolves and you like my art, then consider supporting me on Patreon! (…)

Also you can get this image among others on t-shirts, mugs, and other spiffy stuff over on my redbubble:…
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Dogman? Or just a werewolf?
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Hey! can I use your art for my page on a website?
I can write all the credits and write its you!
the website is animaljam clans WIKI and my page is The Hound of Infected Hearts
TYSM if yes, i really love your art.
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Hello! Thank you for asking for permission to use my art! You may use this and the Lupocephalus piece on your wiki, but please do not use the Speedpaint: Maven piece as that one was a commission and features someone's specific character. Thanks again and good luck on your project.
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At least it's not the Bunny Man
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When I see this I imagine a biologist camped nearby asleep in his tent. He is gonna be in for a shocker upon checking his camera.
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That's the kind of prey that preys upon you!
If you'd see that on a trail cam, would you A) Set camp somewhere in the vicinity and hope to get a visitor and get bitten. B) Stock up on silver bullets?
With that rather unfriendly appearance right there, it's a tough choice. Maybe a bit of both options? :P

Fantastic work, as usual. :clap:
Pencilartguy's avatar
There is always C). Run for your life.
Antaria-Nova's avatar
It's not a real option when what you're running from is a werewolf. It might enjoy the chase for a while and let you stay just barely ahead, but in the end... Yeah :P

And if it's not in the mood for that kind of snack, I guess it doesn't make a difference whether you run our don't. :shrug:
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Antaria-Nova's avatar
It doesn't look to be in the mood for cuddles. :P
But bellyrubs might be appreciated... or a snack... (and you're that snack)
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*Sent from my iPhone*

You are so good, TT. So freakin' good!  :worship:
Johnithan's avatar
*After reviewing pictures from trail cam* "Well, guess who is never going outside ever again?"

Awesome picture! Really like the concept.
Steel-Raven's avatar
Damn, this looks great!
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Nice, I love this idea! Yet another thing for werewolves to have to worry about when trying to protect the secret. On the plus side, as long as they notice the camera, it's easy enough to tear it down and remove the memory card...
PenningtonBeast's avatar
Or eat the photographer. :D
AngelOfDarkness089's avatar
That looks so awesome :D
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