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Always By Your Side

This little lady is another classmate of mine, and a fellow nyuugakusei (exchange student), a Thai called Fai, or Yada if you prefer to be formal. When I initially drew this, it was going to be a simple pic of her and her alone to surprise her, but then another idea crept into my head.

From inking the hair, I moved onto the idea of perhaps adding another figure placing its arm around her and placing its other hand on her other shoulder (as you can see here), but then I felt why make it an actually living figure? another human? Maybe I could make it something else- something dark, something inseparable- the side of us that is negative that clings onto us, but no matter how much we try, we cannot get rid of it.

Basically, the old 'goodness can't exist without evil', 'angels only live where there are devils' deal. But perhaps also with the sense that some people find solace in their own darkness and negative traits, and use them as an excuse to get by. Hence the idea of bringing her shadow to life as an embracing figure while she's vulnerable (bare, low facing angle, looking towards her shadow's embrace). A simple idea, and perhaps not too original, but it's one I find resonance with.

That said, Fai herself isn't currently in any sort of predicament that brings this about, and neither is she the sort to use her negative traits (if any) as an excuse in the time I've known her. It's a case of the pose and the look fitting the image. And yes, she is rather pretty, isn't she? :D

Materials Used: 4H pencil, fineliner pen
Time Taken: Roughly 2 hours
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Jan 5, 2009, 8:05:46 AM
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This is beautiful.
TekkieBrek's avatar
Thanks :D I'm glad you think so :) thanks also for the :+fav: on this piece and on 'Tea's Up' :D
Vivenrican's avatar
Your Welcome Tek.
Jeannieblue's avatar
I recently featured this lovely piece of your work @ [link]
:heart: :butterfly:
TekkieBrek's avatar
Thanks :D this is one of my particular favourites, so I'm glad you chose to feature it :hug: :)
Jeannieblue's avatar
You know, the black figure actually made me think of illness (namely depression) or something dark and personal that's plaguing that person continually. :nod:
TekkieBrek's avatar
Hmm, that's a good point actually :nod: Can't say I had such dark feelings on my mind, but the look definitely expresses a darkness, a grimness, on the horizon. Then again, perhaps she's a kind of avenging angel- light against the darkness coming in from the window into the abyss of the dark room, awaiting its progenitor.
Jeannieblue's avatar
True! :nod: I guess when you view the piece (well, anyone other than you who drew it), you bring your personal baggage to it and infer what you will. I took away the depressed metaphor, because that's often how I feel with my depression- that it's a black figure always at my side. :nod:
TekkieBrek's avatar
True- people will look at pictures differently due to their different takes on life. Nonetheless, your metaphor does make sense :nod: our negative emotions are our crosses to bear, but still, if only that black figure could be sent away somehow :hug:
Jeannieblue's avatar
Exactly! :nod:

But I think it's the sign of great art that you can read into it personally and walk away with a message. So...excellent job as always, my dear! :smooch:
TekkieBrek's avatar
I hope so :D Doesn't hurt at least, and gives the picture an added dimension :) and thanks again :hug: :smooch:
Theosimage's avatar
Wowza!...beautifully done.
thetube's avatar
Nicely done. I love the expression you captured and the contrast between the simple linework and solid blocks of shading is quite striking.
TekkieBrek's avatar
Bit of a late reply (a very late reply actually ^^; really sorry), but thanks :) There wasn't particularly much to the pic (was just going to be Fai until the shadow popped into my head), but I felt it came together well...or at least I hoped so :lol:
Chwen-Hoou's avatar
Very lovely, I like how this came out.
cordieb's avatar
Again, I really love this drawing.

TekieBrek. . . I have featured this beatiful artwork on my blog at [link]

If you mind, please let me know as soon as possible. All credits to your work are credited back to you.

I do hope you do not mind and felt you wouldn't sense you have a creative commons with attribution license on it.

TekkieBrek's avatar
I'm glad you like it :D I sometimes wonder if I should've made the shadow look more malevolent, but then personal darknesses vary with the person- be it scary, an annoyance, or an anti-hero, and literal shadows are nothing more than silhouettes that follow your movements (in an abstract way, perhaps this means the shadow, literal and figurative, is more benign than the person- it simply copies what you do or would do), so it looks fair enough to me in the end :)

And no, I don't mind the feature. In fact, I'm rather glad about it :D and the poem you did on your blog is great too :hug: Thanks for the :+fav: and for the feature :D
cordieb's avatar
She's very pretty, actually. I really, really love this one. It has a beautiful spiritual sense about it. . . a realness of the shadow of darkness that lingers with each and every human being. And though many of us do not use it as an excuse; the shadow still remains ever so present in the background at all times. And yes, that shadow can even bring comfort at times. . . She's embraced me many times throughout my life. This is a definite fav. I feel it! Thanks for creating and sharing this!
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