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Tekken Stamp by CoolBlueX No Drama Stamp 3 by StampsbyJen
:bulletblack: This group is just for TEKKEN fans.

:bulletblack: It is NOT a place of trivial debates on rather this character is dating that character or conspiracy theories.

:bulletblack: As far as this group is concerned what you see in the Games is all that happens in the TEKKEN universe.


:bulletgreen: Anyone is welcome to Join!

:bulletgreen: We want to keep this a friendly environment, so lets all get along.

:bulletgreen: Here we try to give each Character from TEKKEN Equal Attention.

:bulletgreen: We try to get your Art added to the group quickly.

:bulletgreen: Fan Characters are excepted as long as they Follow the Group's rules.

:star: About Our Avatar ----> :icontekken-art-club:
The character Paul Phoenix was chosen because he has been in each TEKKEN game and he is one of the most recognizable characters from TEKKEN. If you look closely you'll see the avatar shows the progression of Paul Phoenix's appearance from the first TEKKEN up to the later TEKKEN games.

:police: Rules :police:

1) Only quality work
- Make sure your Art is clear, No Bad Scans of Bad photos of drawings.
- This group does allow younger and less experienced Artist to display their Art here. However it must at least look like you worked on it.

2) No eccentric ‘couple’ pairings.
- This means no pictures of 'non-canon' character couples kissing or being intimate with each other.
- It is okay for two characters to be in a picture together like they are friends, school chums or just having fun as long as they are not like they are in love.

3) No Yaoi or Yuri

4) No 'FAT'tized or inflated Characters. (like a fat Ling Xiaoyu or a fat Kazuya )

5) No Perverted Pictures!

6) No heavy violence, gore, language or nudity.
- The Games are Rated 'T' if you wouldn't see it in then games then you won't see it here.

This Group Reserves the right to decline or remove any Art that does Not file into the group's rules.


This Group's Mission is
.....Keeping TEKKEN Fun! : )


Alex and Gon =…
Alisa Bosconovitch and Doctor Gepetto Bosconovitch =…
Angel =…
Anna Williams =…
Armor King =…
Asuka Kazama =…
Azazel =…
Baek Doo San =…
Bob Richards =…
Bruce Irvin =…
Bryan Fury =…
Christie Monteiro =…
Combot =…
Craig Marduk =…
Doctor Gepetto Bosconovitch see Alisa
Eddy Gordo / Tiger Jackson =…
Feng Wei =…
Forest Law =…
Ganryu =…
Heihachi Mishima =…
Hwoarang =…
Jack =…
Jin Kazama / Devil Jin =…
Jinpachi Mishima =…
Jaycee = See Julia Chang
Julia Chang - Jaycee =…
Jun Kazama and Unknown =…
Kazuya Mishima / Devil Kazuya =…
King =…
Kuma =…
Kunimitsu =…
Lars Alexandersson =…
Lee Chaolan / Violet =…
Lei Wulong =…
Leo Kliesen =…
Lili de Rochefort and Sebastian =…
Ling Xiaoyu =…
Marshall Law =…
Michelle Chang =…
Miguel Caballero Rojo =…
Miharu Hirano =…
Mokujin / Tetsujin =…
Nina Williams =…
Ogre / True Ogre =…
Panda =…
Paul Phoenix =…
Prototype Jack =…
Raven =…
Roger / Roger Jr./ Mother Roo =…
Sebastian See Lilli
Sergei Dragunov =…
Steve Fox =…
Unknown = See Jun Kazama - Unknown + Jun and Kazuya Together
Wang Jinrei =…
Yoshimitsu =…
Zafina =…
Group Pictures =…
Fights and Fighting =…
Tag Team Ups and Friend Shots =…
Crossovers =…
Miscellaneous =…
Writing =…

Gallery Folders

TEKKEN 6 - Feng Wei by DavidChikardi
Innocent by Flane-Erenaeoth
Tekken The Motion Picture Abridged by stevemacqwark
For a Bet by Flane-Erenaeoth
Add to Gallery
dan jo dan jo do dan jo by boltun
Tekken Tag Tournament - Michelle Chang by FranjoGutierrez
TEKKEN: Kazuya Mishima 2021 by theshrillcriesoflife
Armor King - Dark Hero Render - No Cape by Lamea132
Group Pictures
Kazuya Mishima VS Asuka Kadzama By cMeTaHKuH by cMeTaHKuH
[RQ] Dragunov by kumashiorz
Tekken 3 - Iron Fist Tournament 3 Group Picture by Hyde209
Tekken - Cast by 1981kuro
Fights and Fighting
Tekken - Kazuya versus Lee - Page 5 by 1981kuro
Tekken - Kazuya versus Lee - Page 4 by 1981kuro
Tekken - Kazuya versus Lee - Page 3 by 1981kuro
Tekken - Kazuya versus Lee - Page 1 by 1981kuro
Tag Team Ups and Friend Shots
Unusual tag team by Giuly-Chan
JinXAnna by ScionChibi
Tag team Jun an Nina by ScionChibi
HwoarangX Julia by ScionChibi
T1 Heihachi Mishima
Tekken 3 - Heihachi by Hyde209
Tekken 20th Anniversary Tribute by Hyde209
TEKKEN 1 - Heihachi Mishima by Hyde209
TEKKEN 2 - Heihachi the King of Iron Fist by Hyde209
T1 Kazuya Mishima- Devil
Render - Tekken 7 - Kazuya Mishima by Azgaralth
Tekken - Kazuya Mishima by LitoPerezito
TEKKEN 1 - Devil Kazuya by Hyde209
TEKKEN 1 - Kazuya Mishima by Hyde209
T1 Nina Williams
Soldier by ValuevDesart
Tekken 3 - Nina by Hyde209
..Nina-Signature.. by DadoOoSweeT
Nina Williams - Tekken. by gutspen
T1 King
Tekken 3 - King by Hyde209
Tekken 5:DR - King II by Vertifier234
TEKKEN 1 - King by Hyde209
The Tekken King by AqueleMario
Armor King
King the Volk by theborik
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution: Armor King (FANMADE) by Vertifier234
Tekken 5:DR - Armor King II by Vertifier234
TEKKEN 1 - Armor King by Hyde209
P. Jack
TEKKEN 1 - Prototype Jack by Hyde209
T1 Yoshimitsu
Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu by Hyde209
T1 Paul Phoenix
Paul Phoenix, tekken 5 by theborik
T1 Marshall Law
TEKKEN 1 - Marshall Law by Hyde209
T2 Jun Kazama - Unknown
TEKKEN 2 - Jun the Chosen One by Hyde209
T2 Anna Williams
Anna Williams, tekken 5 by theborik
T2 Ganryu
TEKKEN 1 - Ganryu by Hyde209
T2 Wang Jinrei
TEKKEN 1 - Wang Jinrei by Hyde209
T2 Kuma
Tekken 3 - Kuma and Panda by Hyde209
T2 Lee Chaolan - Violet
Tupa CHILL by cMeTaHKuH
T2 Bruce Irvin
TEKKEN 2 - Bruce the Heavyweight Champion by Hyde209
T2 Lei Wulong
Tekken 3 - Lei by Hyde209
T2 Kunimitsu
Kunimitsu by Vertifier234
T2 Baek Doo San
TEKKEN 2 - Baek the Dojang Master by Hyde209
T2 Michelle Chang
TEKKEN 1 - Michelle Chang by Hyde209
T2 Angel
Tekken 2 Angel by EdMoffatt
T3 Julia Chang - Jaycee
Velma Julia by JohnnyTheFlash
T3 Ling Xiaoyu
Ling Xiaoyu New Outfit by DigitalOme
T3 Jin Kazama - Devil Jin
Tekken 3 - Jin by Hyde209
T3 Hwoarang
Hworang, tekken 5 by theborik
T3 Bryan Fury
Tekken 3 - Bryan by Hyde209
T3 Ogre_True Ogre
Tekken 3 - True Ogre by Hyde209
T3 Mokujin_ Tetsujin
Tekken 3 - Mokujin by Hyde209
T3 Panda
Pocket Fighter - Panda by fastg35
T3 Eddy Gordo_ Tiger Jackson
Tekken 3 - Eddy by Hyde209
T4 Christie Monteiro
Christie! by NardoLeo
T4 Steve Fox
Steve Fox, tekken 5 by theborik
TTT Forrest Law
Tekken 3 - Forest by Hyde209
TTT Miharu Hirano
Miharu Emote - TTT2 Miharu Unlimited by MyricaClaire
T5 Jinpachi Mishima
Jinpachi, tekken 5 by theborik
T4 Craig Marduk
CRAIG MARDUK by Dani-Castro
T5 Raven
Agent Raven by LegendaryDragon90
T5 Feng Wei
Feng Wei by theborik
T5 Asuka Kazama
Neon Asuka by ValuevDesart
T5 Emilie 'Lilli' de Rochefort and Sebastian
Lili and Lee by ScionChibi
T5 Sergei Dragunov
Request: Dragunov and Alisa chibi by IrisSeptim
T6 Leo Kliesen
Leo for Iro by SamThePenetrator
T6 Bob Richards
slimbob sketch by mayrazzang
T6 Lars Alexandersson
Lars Vader and Stormtrooper by ValuevDesart
T6 Alisa and Doctor Gepetto Bosconovitch
Request: Dragunov and Alisa chibi by IrisSeptim
T6 Miguel Caballero Rojo
Miguel by ElDiabloZafina
T6 Zafina
The Temple Defender by Rin-san1
Alex and Gon
Tekken 3 - Gon by Hyde209
TTT2 Combot
Combot by jin-05
T6 Azazel
Mega Ultra Chicken by TK-DRAGON
T7 Katarina Alves
T7 Claudio Serafino
T7 Shaheen
T7 Lucky Chloe
Are-you-ready..! by DadoOoSweeT
My Nice List for Christmas 2021 by BleuCentenaire
Flaming kick by tag-tim
Dragunov Stamp by SamThePenetrator
Jack - Jack2 - GunJack - Jack 5 - Jack 6
Tekken 3 - Gun Jack by Hyde209
Roger_Roger Jr and Mother Roo
Tekken Christmas Card by Lucky-Puppy










Which TEKKEN has the best End Movies?
What are some of your Favorite End movies from any of the TEKKEN games?
List as many as you want! ;)
Here is the list of the most popular TEKKEN characters you voted for!

:bulletgreen: Jin Kazama  :icontekkenjinkazamaplz:
:bulletgreen: Hwoarang  :icontekkenhwoarangplz:
:bulletgreen: Jun Kazama :iconjunkazamaplz:
:bulletgreen: Ling Xiaoyu  :iconxiaoyuplz:
:bulletgreen: Steve Fox  :iconstevefoxplz:
:bulletgreen: Lars Alexandersson :icontekken-lars-plz:
:bulletgreen: Leo Kliesen :iconleokliesenplz:
:bulletgreen: Alisa Bosconovitch :iconalisaplz:
:bulletgreen: Lili de Rochefort  :icontekkenliliplz:
:bulletgreen: Asuka Kazama  :icontekkenasukaplz:
:bulletgreen: Lee Chaolan  :iconleechaolanplz:
:bulletgreen: Kunimitsu :iconkunimitsuplz:
:bulletgreen: Nina Williams :iconninawilliamsplz:

:bulletgreen: Paul Phoenix
(I could not find an icon for Paul)
:points: Points :points:

We are taking Point Donations to have a Contest One day  
Add them to my Donation Pool here --->
TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2  is here!

:note: Please send a note with either your XBOX Live or PSN ID and they will be added to the list below.
* Also you can  tell me your region so getting hooked up with each other will be easier.

Members Contact Information  List  

-------------------:bulletblue: PSN  people   ----------------------------
:bulletblue:  (USA) MisoraStormwind = MisoraStormwind      
:bulletblue:  (USA) zgamer13 = bbbboyz3            
:bulletblue:  (USA)   HtAoReDnU = OaTh-AUG             
:bulletblue:  (USA)   Drak-Arts =  DrakhanLord    
:bulletblue:  (Germany) LingKazama567  = DancingPhoenix94  
:bulletblue:  (Germany) omurizer  kyoizm  
:bulletblue:   (USA)   BriceBillion =  Madrespect  
:bulletblue:  (South Africa)  slinkyskinked = slinkyskinked  
:bulletblue:  (Russia) Anna-Phoenix = Anna_Phoenix
:bulletblue: (Mexico) GeimoAio = Riushia  

---------------- :bulletgreen:XBOX LIVE people ----------------------------
:bulletgreen: (USA) xXLady-EkimmuXx =  xXLadyEkimmuXx
:bulletgreen:(USA)   ZeDoktor = iDoktorZ
More Journal Entries


The Silver-Haired Demon by Rin-san1
Kat-Woman 2 by Stylistic86
Kat-Woman by Stylistic86
Brazilian Symbiotes 4 by Stylistic86
Characters introduced in TEKKEN
Wang jinrei by Som66
Tekken 1 by neko-tin
Tekken - King by DW-DeathWisH
tekken - king rawr by buuzen
Characters introduced in TEKKEN 2
Pocket Fighter - Lei Wulong by fastg35
Pocket Devil by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Tekken Angel by Garrett Blair by Mythical-Mommy
Pocket Fighter - Baek Doo San by fastg35
Characters introduced in TEKKEN 3
Julia..Tekken by TheliaZein
Ling XiaoYu Tekken by B-AGT
(R) CRAZY INDIAN CHICK by atomic-kitten10
Whoa Hwoa!!! by senzaru
Tekken Unknown Haunted by rpmsauron
Characters introduced in TEKKEN 4
Pocket Fighter - Christie Monteiro by fastg35
steve fox by armentis
Characters Introduced in TEKKEN 5
Jinpachi Mishima-Tekken FanArt by LoneWolf64
Yamashita version of Asuka by Giuly-Chan
Pocket Devil Jin by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Characters Introduced in TEKKEN 6
Tekken: Alisa, Ready for Duty by CoolBlueX
Bring it on by jinwylie
kiriban: Giuly-Chan by Martina-G
Pocket Fighter - Miguel Caballero Rojo by fastg35
CrossWinds... by HPCIllustrations
Gallery of Custom Characters
Angel of Darkness Devil Jin 3 by DevilBillykazama
T6 - BOB customization 01 by XReinaxStarX


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