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The Wind Mage (Wind Waker)

By Tekka-Croe
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So I've been absolutely slammed with papers and tests with the semester wrapping up; I haven't had much time to do artwork.

Anyway, continuing with the Wind Waker designs I'd posted a couple weeks back ([link]), here's a Wind Waker redesign of Vaati, the Wind Mage. He played the bad guy in Four Swords and The Minish Cap, two of the most underrated Zelda titles out there. He's my favorite Zelda baddie, so naturally, I thought of him when I realized I'd need a villain for my heroes.

The mysterious "Wind Mage" is drawn to the Great Sea from far in the north, lured by rumors that the Triforce has been re-formed...

Zelda series, Vaati © Nintendo
Artwork © :icontekka-croe:
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ok this blew my mind. pun intended
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Wow, i LOVE this design! Its simple but so neat!
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Reminds me of raven from DC comics, I love Dc and LoZ
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Shame Vaati wasn't in the game he is such a awesome and cool villain and one of my favorite Nintendo villains and Zelda villains out there.  but this design is pretty awesome and think this would of been his look if he was in =D
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This looks eerily like Ghariham...
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Your design for him here is really great and the bit you put in the comment section about the mysterious Wind Mage such a great tie-in.
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I loooove that guy !! Your version is so amazing !!
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I do have to say, that game had too many Vaati-like eye symbols for it to be just a coincidence...
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could you tell me about it?
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Well, all the keys, and all the eyes on the walls of Ganon's tower... Plus the wind theme in general. I mean, really! I almost wonder about that game sometimes.
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These are really cool. I need to start doing characters like this, all mine are too detailed and time-consuming.
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Looks cool. Like the eye and the simple design.
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I know the feeling... Study hard and good luck!
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