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SPARTAN Wulfgang-A359

By Tekka-Croe
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My first original artwork of 2017, designs for a SPARTAN-III featured in a Halo side-story I'd been working on a while ago.  The armor is mostly a MkVI, but with the help of some enterprising UNSC techs, it's had several MkV components grandfathered into it (the helmet, chestplate, and shoulder pauldrons).

While I've incorporated a lot of 343i-ish elements into my Halo design philosophy, I generally defer to Bungie's designs when it comes to the overall shaping, especially with the GEN-1 MJOLNIR designs.  I also decided to distinguish Wulfgang's armor by making its primary color a darker, gray-brown olive, rather than the true-green olive associated with the SPARTAN-IIs.

Halo belongs to Microsoft
Artwork and character by :icontekka-croe:
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This art is nicely done the look is perfect is there a front view?
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I have to admit i noticed you quit dig the mark V aye? I also love the Mark V too, probably because of Halo CE nostalgia in the day haha i even made my own costume based on the original Mark V I need to upload them hopefully 
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Hmmm...  Given the limited usage of Halo's assets I have... I could probably do something with this.
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I love you, and I love your work. Pls get hired at 343 and make us cry rivers of joy.
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I love the blend of the mark 5 & 6, I'm also glad that it's in the the original Bungie art style rather than the 343 art style (not that I don't like theirs, but the old Bungie will always look more like "Halo" to me). Nice job.
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Man, I wish 343i would take a look at fan-made artwork like this. The initial armor sets from H5 just turned me off completely... and those colored body suits...When they brought back the GEN1 operator helmet, that was a step in the right direction.
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Apparently Halo 6 will be incorporating more classic-styled armor permutations then the more alien-esk designs they've been going for Spartan armor in the last few games. And yes, the Gen 1 Helmet pack we got was a step in the right direction. 
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You model IIIs sure get issued a nice set of armor.
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The details are so good, you have attention to the small things! :iconthumbplz: 
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Dude... amaze-balls. You nail the conceptual direction I would've loved seen taken for the franchise. Splendid hybrid of the old with the new, I especially like how the chest and thorax plating becomes a sort of... maw. Looks like all the important iconic details stayed put (backpack rising above the shoulder, bulky aggressive angular chestplate, classic broad visor with two pronged bill over the top of the helmet) while the best of new nibbly-techy innovations got implemented.
I always loved the way the original GEN-1 MJOLNIR looked like they practically militarized and armored an astronaut suit, not some Japanese mecha wet-dream with lots of interlocking plates and ornamental do-dads.
Wulfgang looks equipped to kick some tail with or without a weapon, give him one anyway. :thumbsup:
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Loving the design, and I'm seeing a bit of Jerome-092's set of MkIV armor from Halo Wars, what with the red on the shoulder and the older style helmet, for a second I thought the chest looked like Reach's B variation of the MKV armor, but that variation is missing the larger pylons over the shoulders, but I digress, wonderful work overall and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! keep it up!
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F....n STEEL BALLS (sorry for my English) It's PERFECT Clap :happybounce: I think I've fainted. 
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Much love for your take on Halo's designs. This armor is fantastic and really compliments the sort of feeling CE was trying to translate to the player. Also good on you for not adopting artstation's cookie cut power-armor-guy aesthetic.
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Very nice, I always preferred the original Mark V and VI from the Bungie-made Halos because unlike 343i's Spartans, the Bungie ones feel like human shaped tanks. That's not the only thing wrong with 343i's Halo but I digress.

(I played through the entire series a while ago and I couldn't bring myself to finish the 2nd mission in Halo 5, Halo 4 is Okay... but Okay isn't exactly how a Halo game should be described. They just don't have that Magical feeling that Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach have. It really shows how Bungie and 343i were like peanut butter and jelly, Halo 4 had no Magic, and Destiny had no cohesive structure or momentum.)
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Looks fantastic. Always a treat seeing you tackle spartans =)
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good i love halo games
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Are you still working on the Halo story?
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Is that Spartan cosplaying Buzz Lightyear?
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Seriously dude, 343 should get off their asses stop butchering the canon and focus on hiring better artists for designing the armors. You would be my first recommendation.
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it's beautifulLove Love 
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