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Something I've been meaning to do for a while: Finally give us a detailed look at Reina's prosthetic / augmetic components.

This was useful in figuring out how her elbows articulate especially, the way that the bare metal spar on the back of the forearms articulates on a slightly different axis from the main elbow joint. In addition to the primary data port at the base of her skull, there are secondary and tertiary ports embedded throughout her body (though most of these are primarily used for diagnostic, maintenance, and medical purposes). Her arm and leg prosthetics are anchored by hybrid synthetic-organic bone components grafted with her truncated humerus' and femurs, respectively.

I also had some fun testing out one of my own mesh textures on the synthetic muscle components, and on her Space-Spandex (?) undergarments.

(Also, for some reason, this image makes Reina look a lot taller and thinner than she actually is. I think it's a result of the pose here. Having her arms extended above her head like that adds height, while also constricting and narrowing her shoulders.)

Reina Cloude (c) :icontekka-croe:

EDIT Sept. 14, 2015:  Why does it seem like this work has suddenly gotten more traffic over the last few days?  I mean, it's pretty badly out of date.  Although, I guess that's on me for not putting up a more current rendition.  I guess I ought to make that happen soon.

EDIT June 18, 2016:  A more current (and far more refined) iteration of Reina's cybernetics can be found here:…
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That look amazing ! It have a great feel for shadowrun or cyber punk !!! When is you're commission page openning up again !! XD