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IG City Fighter (WH40k)




It seems I'm back on a Warhammer 40k bent.

I did the lines for this late last year and only today got around to coloring it. One of my 40k story ideas involves a guerrilla war raging through the lower levels of an upscale hive-city. For this, I wanted an Imperial Guard regiment dedicated to city-fighting.

These guys are typically armed with a snub-las repeater. It's got adequate medium-range accuracy when set to single-fire mode. In auto-fire mode its accuracy is horrid, but it's able to absolutely fill a confined space with las-fire, and when sweeping through alleyways and clearing buildings, that's a must-have feature.

On top of their standard fatigues and soft armor, they wear a series of ballistic plates, shaped specifically to deflect solid projectiles away from vital body parts. It's also capable of deflecting at least some of the force of las-rounds, but it can still be burned through if a las-round hits it square-on.

Also, does anyone have a name for the planet these guys come from? They still need a name.

The color names I've got here correspond to GW's current line of paints.

Warhammer 40,000, paint names belong to Games Workshop

"These Guys," artwork (c) :icontekka-croe:
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The design makes me think of the Helghast in Killzone shadow fall