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Well wouldja look at that. I finally got off my lazy butt and posted something.

I've been wrestling around with this fighter's design since the 10th grade. Turns out, all it needed was an ultra-high detailed "space shooter" makeover (a la Ikaruga or Project Sylpheed). Up until now, it was named "Stratus," but I've changed the name to "Nimbus" (sciency name for a stormcloud) to better reflect its combat-oriented nature.

The cockpit uses something akin to Ace Combat's COFFIN system (a solid, armored canopy). It works especially well for the Nimbus, as its pilot, Reina Cloude, simply interconnects the fighter directly with her nervous system, eliminating the need for interior screens and opening up room for additional computer systems.

It's shown here in the default configuration, its only armament being a three-barrel rotary coilgun mounted beneath the core section. Due to it's modular nature, the Nimbus can be fitted with a whole brace of additional weapons such as missile pods, anti-ship torpedoes, and even an under-slung railgun.

Nimbus is a lightweight fighter, and is capable of folding into a compacted form which docks in the rear of the Cirrus, Timberwolfe's small yacht-corvette and the home base of his freelancer crew.
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I'm tilting my head... But I can't quite comprehend it's shape... Would it be able to fly in atmosphere, it doesn't seem very aerodynamic. Or I'm looking at it wrong.
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Did you intend for the 'limbs' to move? because I can totally see it clambering about on a destroyed ship and blasting it's way in. Good job in any case!
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thats an are wing :)
E-Squid's avatar
You still continue to amaze me with the fact that you draw all of this stuff and don't use 3D software at all. (At least not to my knowledge.)
Tekka-Croe's avatar
I'm absolutely terrible with 3d CAD programs. I can barely manage Google Sketchup, and it's pretty much the simplest one out there.
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That's a shame, I bet you'd make some damn cool stuff if you could do 3D. (Not that your stuff isn't cool already.)
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the shape is somewhat confusing, but I like it a lot
Nirdian's avatar
Wheeeeee!!! So much swooshness, it makes me happy. :)

Now build it! :3
ThirdEcho's avatar
Moderately hate you for being this talented. You make it look so easy. ;____;
*envy much*
Dtronaustin's avatar
Good to see you back man I was just wondering what happend to you
The-Crimson-Wolf's avatar
Now this is awesome. I love all the oblique angles. It meshes so well with the style that you have here.
Now you need to draw a new version of the Cirrus to go with it.
SSG-Scorps's avatar
This is impressive.
zanruos's avatar
nice dude was it made by photoshop also any tips on plane
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