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Ultimate X-Men / Fantastic Four Crossover Battle

By tekitsune
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Battle Submission! :iconbattle-artist:

Here's my entry for the Battle Artist S3 BA6 Color Battle! It's some Ultimate X-Men / Fantastic Four crossover love!

Pencils by Eric Basaldua :iconebas:

Inks by Jay Devasier :iconsupernoobinks:

Flats by Trinity Mathews :icontrinitymathews:

Colors by Tim Georgi :icontekitsune:

Ultimate X-Men and Fantastic Four © Marvel Comics
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© 2013 - 2021 tekitsune
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mighty fine work there.
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Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. :)
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hey bro, nice work on the characters. I dig the texture on thing. Definitely my favourite part of your work, is Firestar, she looks fantastic.

I also really be loving the incorporation of the invisibility into Sue's legs, so that is great :D

best of luck in your battle! :D
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Thanks so much! This was definitely a challenge since I'm not as up on FF characters. Much more comfortable with the other Marvel characters. And thanks for the comments on Sue. I'm actually surprised that no one else did any "invisible" on Invisible Woman, but then, I'm crazy and always trying off-the-wall stuff when I have the opportunity, which this was a great one.

Definitely a great exercise for a colorist. Getting out of the comfort zone is a good thing.

Good luck in your battle too!
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I know right XD I was very much in the same boat XD

but it's true, that's why, me personally, I'm competing in every colour battle this year, just to get out of my comfort zone :D
thanks :D
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I hope my schedule will let me keep doing the battles. I just started some school again so I'm not sure if my schedule will let me keep going for the next couple of months. (Classes will end in August, then it's a waiting period again while I'm studying for some grad school tests.) I'm crossing fingers. I'll have to see what the next set of inks is like before I commit. Not having done any serious coloring since the early 2000s, it's a great thing to stretch the skills though, especially outside the comfort zone. :)
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heavy days bro, heavy days :)
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Who's the fire woman?
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Her name is Firestar. There's some info about where she comes from in some of the other comments.
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wait... Johnny Storm's a girl in the Ultimate universe?
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I had to go and do some searching on this too. When I first saw the image, I was like, "Where's Johnny?" According to the flats file, that's the character Firestar. That's what I got for not following the Fantastic Four. :)
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Did Firestar premiere in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends?
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According to the info on Wikipedia, that IS where she first appeared, the 1981 cartoon on NBC. It also says that in the show, she was part of the X-Men. Huh. I didn't know that. (Or didn't remember. I watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends back in the 80s, but don't remember the character.) Learn something new every day.
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Oh wow! I could totally see this as a comic book cover. Good job!

Although, there is something that confuses me. I've been out of the comic book scene for quite some time now. Is this a product of someone's imagination (i.e. the pencil-er) or is this mash-up something that happened since I left? In other words, this Fantastic Four doesn't look like the Fantastic Four that I used to know.
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I have to admit that I haven't been following Fantastic Four, but from what I understand, this is from Eric Basaldua, one of the artists from the Ultimate FF comic for Marvel. This is supposed to be from an X-Men/FF crossover. The book looks to be here: [link]

The combination of characters in there kinda threw me for a loop too. Definitely a challenge to do though. Fire is a pain to color. :)

Thanks for the comments too!
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