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The Legend of Zelda: Oni Link

By tekitsune
While I was down at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, I happened upon the Nintendo booth and found a bunch of really cool character statues on display in the front end of the booth. I saw the concept for the Oni Link, some uber-evil nasty badass version of Link. I looked at that and though "That is freakin' cool!" I haven't really heard where this evil monstrosity comes in with the game, but I'm sure I'll find out sometime... (EDIT: I just found out... And no, I'm a bad game player and I haven't finished Majora's Mask yet. Yes, I know I'm bad.)

The statue was so cool that I figured that I'd get something drawn at some point. And since I was feeling in a fan art mood tonight, I drew this. I think it turned out rather well.

EDIT: Just remembered that I forgot to upload the revised Poster Edition of this guy. A bit enhanced from the old version. Enjoy!

The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo.
Artwork by Me.
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Well, more of a smirk, but I'm sure he's happy cause that sword is about to come a-swingin'.  :)
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Or is he just smiling cause he wants 2 kill Majora all over again? XD
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Them muscles though....DDDAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!
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*w* omg!!! oni Link is sooooooooooooo HOT!! :iconpervymysticalfairy:
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You made it look kinda like Sephiroth...
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Yeah, it kinda does. Unintentional to be sure, but you're right. I can't take the blame completely for that. It was based on the prototype of a figurine that Nintendo had at their booth at SDCC a few years back. It was gray in my photo, so it was gray in the drawing. (I have to admit that I've never played Majora's Mask far enough to see this version of Link, so it's hard to tell if I got it right or not.) :)
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Fierce Diety Link is my favorite version of Link ever. very good :clap:
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Yeah, after seeing that version of Link down at Comic Con last year (having never actually gotten much into Majora's Mask... still need to find time to finish it), it's a favorite of mine too.
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One of my favorite forms of all. Personally I liked its power but it was such a cool look for link bashing a badguys but looking bad-ass himself.
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Hey that's a great pic of him! Love the sword, too. I love that mask--it makes you uber powerful. you can only use it in dungeons, though. : P
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Thanks! Glad you like the pict. The sword was one of the things that I really liked about this version of Link too. One of these decades I'll have to try and finish the game.
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I wish you luck! A lot of people didn't care for Majora's Mask, but I liked it a lot.
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