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Nova: A SideBySide Rant by tekitsune Nova: A SideBySide Rant by tekitsune
I'm having a bit of fun with the "judges" of the Battle Artist thing here.  To illustrate, I've taken the non-cover version of my Nova piece and put it side by side with what they are all claiming that mine would have needed to look like to be "competitive."  They don't "get" the effects that I put on the image on the left. Most everyone else did the standard thing like the one on the right. Basic colors. Nothing overly fancy. Absolutely safe. No risk there AT ALL. But I ask you, what do we have here? We have a guy in a suit, hurling at a great speed out into space. If he had just left the planet's atmosphere (which if that's the Moon in the background, that's a very likely assumption), I think we have this thing called friction that would have created some heat as he went up. Heat does funky things. Like make things glow. Kinda makes sense to me, but maybe I was being a bit too deep with my concept. 

But they keep forgetting, this is also a cover image. I hate to be the one to say it, but boring doesn't sell comics. And the one on the right, to me, is boring. Anyone could have taken Stacy's flats and come up with that. Honestly, there's very little thought there. Now if I was getting some constructive criticism on WHY the effects were bad (which I still don't think they are), I could understand. Unfortunately, there hasn't been anything "constructive" yet. Constructive criticism is why we do artistic things. To get better. And we don't get better by being safe. Come on people! Take a chance. Do something that's not normal. Heck, out of like 20 people, I was the only one to realize that the Moon didn't need to be a completely round shape. Only one other person made it another planet entirely. That's thinking outside the box for the set of images in question. I mean, do something unexpected. We're never getting anything new by having everyone do the same thing.

I think that's the sad part about things like this. It tends to promote laziness and the status quo. And no one learns.

Don't be lazy, colorists! Push the envelope. Do the unexpected. And when someone complains about it with no real argument, challenge the misconception. Does it always work? No. Should that mean that we should stop trying crazy things? Absolutely not. Crazy things make the world go round.

Especially in comics.

And Nova is still Marvel Entertainment.
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daz3333 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will add that I have seen other entries -some of which are in my Nova Prime features gallery - so I've added a request to add yours - but I think yours is one that stood out a lot.  I did judge a previous Nova competition for Battle DA and I marked them not only on art but how well they interpreted the character and his specific powers. I'm by the way happy for you to color a Nova619 piece anytime! 
daz3333 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well I'm going to answer this as A) one of the Nova old guard (Rich Rider - have been a fan for 40 years) and B) as a artist and overseer of Nova619.  I agree with you entirely. I think the left image is a lot better and you're right -you're not only adhering to pushing coloring boundaries but from a scientific point of view A Nova (be it Rich, Sam or any other flying superhero) would create friction against a planet's atmosphere on reentry or otherwise. And yes the moon or most planetary bodies are not exactly spherical or standard - some are elliptical such as Jupiter's moon Io which is squashed and squeezed by its close proximity to Jupiter and its interaction with three other moons. As a guide to my own members who take part in Nova619 - I give them free reign to do art as they want - well as long as they keep the core aspects of any given plot - but if there is stagnation well no one develops their skills in whatever field they do and you'd end up with 30 Sam Alexander flying in front of a moon and such all the same! 
tekitsune Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
Thanks for your thoughts, daz! It's always a difficult thing since art is so subjective, but when things are dismissed just because they didn't conform, that's where I think we run into dangerous territory with art. I find that 99% of the time, there's more to a piece of art than people realize. As colorists (and artists in general), there has to be more thought into the art we create, beyond just putting colors on things. Like you said, we have to do some research into who these characters are and what they do. It has to be part of the process. Add that subjective part into the mix and it becomes more difficult. I find it sad when people that want to judge things don't have an open mind to things that may not conform to their pre-conception to the world. But then, that's part of the battle as well. You can't change the world overnight, but I'm always going to do things that keep people on their toes. Hopefully art that pushes the envelope and has a bit more thought to it, especially in comics, will keep being made and the people viewing it, and especially judging it, well expand their horizons. Otherwise, it's unfortunately short-sighted and closed-minded. 

I'll have to take a look at some of the Nova619 pieces and see about adding something to my coloring queue.  Thanks again for the comments!
daz3333 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey a pleasure. As a rule I rarely am over critical but I agree with you -especially when it comes to the means of visually depicting characters and their powers its vital that color plays an important part in setting the mood, tone and means - so most welcome. 

I do give a lot of leeway with those folks who take part in Nova619 - we're voluntary by the way and non-pay-non-profit and the same presently applies to my sister group Cohort Comics where we do original stuff. So bear that in mind before you join any project but I will say I let everyone display whatever they do - as long as credit the art sources exactly as you did with the Nova piece. So hope that's okay but any questions just ask! 

So yeah if the above is fine - more than happy to have you take part in a project -covers or pages for either 619 or Cohort - this is the link to the other site.

I have sent you a invite to Nova Prime so just so that. You're actually be our 200th member! So welcome.

We do have projects at various stages - as we just completed our 2014 run and we're started on our 2015 season. I have to say checking your gallery you are a superb colorist! We do have a small team for each of the niches so my other present members are Rich (UK), Ryan (Canada) Debbie (UK) and Donald (UK). Some of them just do covers while others do inks and flats. 

As things go we do have pretty long deadlines - so I will say that occasionally there are gaps as you'll gather each of the members involved work to their own paces within the structure. 619 is webcomic only and we have it online here and at 2 fan sites - Nova Prime Page and Cosmic Book News. 

The main archive is at NPP -

Our Nova is the original Rich Rider - but set in a sep universe from the reg MU so hence he's not dead. However ability wise the power set, characters etc confirm to the MU counterparts -except of course for new characters we create. 

Some of the art done here may not be to the same level as you've done -because most of the guys and gals are amateur but they're learning the skills as that's one of the reasons I set 619 up 5 years ago besides doing it as a fan comic. Many of them have goen onto doing work for other indie comics such as Greyhaven. As a guide- you take part as long as you want - so even if you do a cover here or just one ep - it'll be a pleasure having you take part.

Suggest you familiarize yourself first by downloading some of the 619 comics - you can read them here via… AND…

and get back in touch and we'll go from there. There are other things we do - spot pics for a few other sites and soem side projects so overall there's usually something to do somewhere! Thanks for contacting me! Darren
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