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Batman and Supergirl

Here's my latest coloring! Back to some DC characters, this time we have Batman and Supergirl. I love me some Supergirl, so this was a great option for me. And how can you go wrong with Batman? This one was nice and moody. Playing with lightstuffs again. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Thanks to Marcio Abreu for the pencils and Josh Oakes for the inks! Excellent stuff guys!

Pencils by :iconmarcioabreu7: [link]

Inks by :iconjo-inks: [link]

Colors by :icontekitsune:

Batman and Supergirl © DC Comics
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I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is one if the best team-up covers done by individual artists. You all have amazing talent and I can really tell that the art style was derived from Jim Lee. Batman is one of my favorite DC characters and I really love the New 52! version of Supergirl. If you people get into making comics or get jobs at DC I will definitely want to pick it up. Keep up the good work guys. Maybe one day you can make a comic book either on here or for DC.
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Your welcome. I must be honest, this was my first critique and I'm glad I chose one I'm glad I chose something I'm very familiar with and love. I can tell you and your people love your work and i hope to see more and am able to review more. My dad would probably be like 'That looks like plagiarism', but we here know that companies encourage this sort of stuff, as long as we don't claim the characters are ours, because it makes people interested and want to go check them out at comic shops or any kind of store. Sorry my comment is so long, but what I'm trying to say is not to let even a single discouragement get you down. You guys do good work, keep doing that good work and exceed every previous project! Thumbs Up 
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Thanks for the kind words. I know that Marcio, the original artist for the piece does work for Zenescope and Dynamite Comics, probably others as well.  I've been a big fan of his for a while.  Always great stuff with his art as the base.  As for me, I haven't had anything published in quite a while. I worked on colors for some European versions of the comic series Elfquest in the early 2000s. Trying to get back into project-based comics coloring again, but it's slow going.  Always great to hear that people like the work. Thanks again!
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They're a pretty cool team.
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Thanks Marcio! It's all your wonderful lines. Thanks for the great art to color. :)
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Yay!!! You put it back up! I'm glad, I really like this drawing!
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Very cool, I can see you're inspired by Jim Lee's work^^

One small point of critique, though.
You may want to make sure that the limbs are the right lenght. It's hardly noticable in this drawing, but SuperGirl's arms and legs are just a wee-bit too short.

Other than that, great work, love the coloring.
Keep it up^_^
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I wish I could take credit for the artwork. I was only responsible for the coloring. Marcio's excellent pencils and then Josh's inks are what made this as cool as it is. As a colorist, I'm really only as good as the source materials that I have to color from. I'm lucky that deviantART is FULL of excellent artists that have plenty of things that I can add my colors to.

Glad you liked coloring! :)
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I love the colors and you did an amazing job.
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Glad you liked it! :)
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This is amazing!
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Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)
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