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Avenging Spider-Man Promo By Mad!

By tekitsune
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Battle Submission! :iconbattle-artist:

This is my entry for the Battle Artist S3 BA5 Color Battle! I have to say that this is an interesting combination of characters on a cover... Fun coloring it too!

Pencils by Joe Madureira [link]

Inks by :icondymartgd:

Flats by :icontrinitymathews:

Colors by :icontekitsune:

Avenging Spider-Man © Marvel
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© 2013 - 2021 tekitsune
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Hey bro, watup?

Alright, let me work back to front:
I dig your sky. Good night setting, that fills the open space, but doesn't pull away from any of the detailing of the characters or buildings, so nice work there.
The buildings are good, digging the opacity change on the building to the right and great work on the subtleties of the building they're coming from.

My biggest issues come with the characters: Rulk seems lost in the background and while I like your idea of a spot light, I wish you had recoloured the ink outline on spiderman, or that you had removed the glow from the inks, because to me, the level of detailing and gentle width changes of the inks are getting lost.
One of the chief lessons that was 'beaten' into me, is respect the inks!
Don't get me wrong, you've done the spot light well, in that you've cut out the appropriate shadows from the light, caused by the characters which is fantastic, but unfortunately, the loss of the inking detail really brings your piece down for me.

So, all in all, nice work amigo and best of luck
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Thanks for the critique, knytcrawlr! I do admit that this was an experiment with the lighting. I had been going back and forth in my head between more "realism" or going more traditional with the inks. (In my Photoshop file, there is a daytime version of certain portions as well, obviously without the spotlight. It was a bit hard to decide which way to go.) I've never done anything with that intense of a light source before, so it's a learning process on my end. In the end, I decided to go with a more realistic take with the spotlight. It definitely wasn't the only way that it could have been done. Your suggestions on other ways to handle the inks with my concept are really good. I'll be sure to keep them in mind in the future. All good learning opportunities.

Thanks for the comments! :)
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I agree 100%. And not because I'm an inker *cough* *grumblegrumble* Overall, very good work! You definitely have the skills, and just like me and every artist, you're learning new tricks and tweaks for the future. Good job!
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Thanks!  Glad you liked it!  :)
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Nice! I love the highlights! Is it a spotlight from above?
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Indeed it is! I figured that most everyone else would do some normal type of lighting on this in the Battle Artist battle, so I decided to go with nighttime and add the spotlight to it, just to be a bit different. It also puts the emphasis even more on Spider-Man as the main character in the piece. And it was a challenge too. I haven't done too much "external" type lighting like a spotlight with coloring projects in the past, so it was good practice. It's not perfect, but it's a good place to start. :)
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You did a fine job :woohoo:
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