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Such Ado Without Namah

Another tale, with you, I'll share.
We meet our heroes at the fair.
Woods was there, Damon too,
and Bill filled out their motley crew.

Today we find them down and blue,
and at a loss of what to do.
"Which way, you think?" "Heh, wish I knew."
"Let's stop for now and think this through."

"You said that she broke down the door?"
"And ran right past across the floor."
"Did she smell the roses too?"
"They switched those out with decor, new."

"And then what happened, did you say?"
"She, to the lobby, flew away."
"Flew away?" "Flew away!"
"And right into the lift, I'd say."

"These days, those crowds do come and go."
"She could slip through, no one would know."
"And if she made it to the base..."
"She'd flee, leaving for us no trace."

"Did you see her on the cams?"
"I thought I saw her by the trams."
"Are you certain it was her?"
"It was more like a purple blur."

"Geez, Bill, that could be anyone!
That's it boys, we're for and done."
"Calm down Woods, we're not out yet.
Bill, got that scroll on you, I bet?"

"Yeah, it's in my pocket here."
Then reaching in, he said, "Oh dear..."
"Just great!" "But wait a minute now,
it was just here. It's gone, but how?"

"Did it just up and walk away?"
"It's funny that you would that say."
Damon gestured 'cross the square.
A boy (and... pet?) were crouching there.

"Hey you, that scroll belongs to me!"
Then gone, to where, they could not see.
"Great." "I'll go left, and you go right."
"We'll find them if it takes all night."

They jumped and dashed across the square,
and flew all through the festive fair.
"He's here!" "No, here!" "Down this way too..."
"Ma'am, have you seen..." "They cut right through!"

"His blue pet's here, and cornered too!"
"Where?" "It's gone." "But how?" "It flew."
"It flew?!" "It flew!" "Spirits, man,
you had one job. Really, how can..."

Then a blob blocked out the sky.
a pelting hail of homemade pie.
Raining down from up above,
A little stale, but made with love.

"Seems no matter where we roam,"
"every place feels just like home."
Bill and Woods stood drenched in paste.
"These poor pies." "My, such a waste."

"Take that spies!" the one boy yelled,
as he his handiwork beheld.
They couldn't help but laugh, you know.
And then, the two, they turned to go.

But right as they had turned around,
they found Damon, standing ground.
They turned again, only to see,
They were encircled, two pied, three.

"Alright boys, that's quite enough,"
Damon said through puff and huff.
"Wait but, hey now, how did you...?"
"You're not the only kid like you."

"We've had practice, and by her,
I'll measure you an amateur."
"I won't listen to your lies!
I know you're just some foreign spies!"

"Oh, so now we're spies, you say."
"No one here dresses that way.
The way you rush and sneak about,
it's really strange. I've found you out!"

"Listen kid, you can't assume,
just 'cause someone..." "From a room
I heard you say she got away!
Wouldn't that a man betray?"

"You come from elsewhere, dare I say,
and chase some poor girl to this day!
Even so, I needed proof,
Else they all assume a spoof."

"So I took your scroll, you see,
to prove, here, my philosophy."
("Besides, we need one for our plan,"
he told his comrade underhand.)

"Listen here, you little whelp..."
"Fine, I give, we need your help."
"What?" "Wait, are you in trouble too?"
He saw it in their face, he knew.

"Your image is not far afield,
listen now, our plot's revealed,
and now, though I regret to say,
we've lost our princess on this day."

"Your princess?" "Yes, and bitter still,
we fear that someone might her kill.
That's why your skill we value so."
"But where's she gone?" "You might just know."

"She's clever, and elusive too,
skills shared by the two of you."
"If you help, and bring success,
against you, charges, we won't press."

The two boys stopped and thought a bit,
They argued, threw a bitty fit.
They quibbled o'er percentages,
and whispered cryptic messages.

"Sure, we'll help you, this girl, find,
but, please bear this well in mind:
Something 'bout your tale's untrue,
and 'fore we're done, we'll see it through."

"Very well, if that's your price,
suppose we don't have to be nice."
They took back and rolled the scroll.
"Here's her picture, rock and roll."

"Wow, she's pretty. Sorry. No,
haven't seen her. Whip, let's go."
"Not so fast boy, we're not done."
"Don't you try to, on us, run."

"Haven't seen her, so, we're through.
Really what's there left to do?"
"Surely, theories can be drawn,
to where the princess might have gone."

"We think she took the tram to here,
are there hiding places near?"
"Well, I suppose there is one place,
down in the market, she might race."

"An old shack sits there, boarded, barred,
in a corner worn and marred.
From the tram, that's where I'd go,
but only if I'm moving slow."

"How do you mean?" "Well, can't you see.
The jump pad's just five blocks from me.
All sorts of crowds, to there, are drawn.
And, by now, I'd say she's gone."

His colleague offered yet a word.
Thankful meanings weren't conferred,
the taller offered, "ha, ha, no.
Guys, we really have to go."

"Wait but..." "First go check the shack.
If not, then all your steps backtrack."
And, just then, a shortened kid
ran from an alley where he hid.

And by others, he was joined.
With them, carried, goods purloined.
"Hey Mace, it's done, we must escape,"
said plum-faced one, "go grab your cape."

"Just a minute, for I must
smooth this over, or we're bust."
"Why, again, do we help you?"
came with a groan from plum-face two.

Then came a crash from off a way,
but the culprits, who could say?
Guards jumped to see what had occurred,
then back, kids, gone without a word.

"Guess we should have seen that one."
"Kids like that make this job... fun."
"I suppose we should head back
to the market and that shack."

"What's the best way there from here?"
Bill said, "I'll check," and then "oh dear..."
"You've said those words too much today."
"I'm just down on luck, I'd say."

Damon said, "Come on, let's go.
Of this shack, I think I know."
Fast-paced walk, and themselves find
face to face with plank and vine.

"Yeah, I'd say this is the place,
but, of the girl, I see no trace."
"Would she hide in here, you think?"
"If she did, I need a drink."

"We should at least go in and see."
"Bill, go first, we'll, back here, be."
"Woods, that doesn't seem too fair."
"You'll be fine, so don't despair."

"Fine, I'll go, but watch my back,"
he said as he walked in the shack.
The hall was dark, the rooms were too,
for brush, over the windows, grew.

The wood was soggy under shoe,
and here and there some grass grew through.
Bill walked slowly down the hall,
his fingers leading down the wall.

He reached the end, quite unawares,
and tripped and fell upon the stairs.
The crash rushed out, from dark as night.
Woods called in, "Hey, you alright?"

"I've been better." "Yeah, he's fine."
"I'll try to, up these old stairs, climb,
once I give these crates a shove.
I heard some movement up above."

"Alright Bill, we'll go around,
call us if there's something found."
"Okay," he said, and up he crawled
into an attic, dim-lit, mauled.

"Hello?" he called into the void.
"I know you may be quite annoyed,
but Namah, if you're here, come out.
We won't scold, and we won't shout."

"Should we sing and dance this time,
use bad puns, or speak in rhyme?
There must be something we can do,
in order to return with you."

Once again, he heard a shift,
scratchy, and a little miffed.
"I know you're treated pretty sore,
but please take mercy on the poor."

The little creature had enough.
It leapt at Bill and scratched him rough.
Yells and screams from attic flew.
Bill called, "I don't know what to do!"

Woods yelled up, "hey, where are you?"
Bill hurried to the window view,
and then falling to his knees,
"I can't see you, for these trees."

Damon said, "I guess were blind,
let's go in, you watch behind."
They rushed in, and scurried up.
Across the floor, "Hey Bill, what's up?"

Lying there, duck-covered, curled,
in a dark and lonely world,
Bill faced his tormentor alone.
Scraws were pecking at the bone.

"Hey there guys, please get them off."
Bill said, through gag and also cough.
"Well, I guess we've reached the end,"
Damon said, then Woods, "Pretend."

"Imagine having caught her now,
We would avoid a fearsome row."
"Yeah, that does sound pretty great."
"We should get our stories straight."

And so, defeated, off they went,
to face a rage that won't relent.
To the station, to the tower,
up the lift, at door, they cower.

Soft knock, and greeted by Ms. M.
"You three fools, where have you been?"
"I'm afraid we have bad news."
"I'm sure you will not, me, amuse."

"Well, oh man, you see, she's gone."
"Who's she?" she asked, through well-earned yawn.
"Well, Namah, 'course." "Surely you kid."
"We've no idea where she hid."

"Well, here's a clue, she's sitting now,
in rec room, watching that strange cow."
"What? But, how?" "Where had she gone?"
"We've been out searching, since the dawn."

"While out on your adventure, see,
her care, again, fell onto me.
We also started to lament,
but then we found her in the vent."

"I searched for you, to get her out.
You were gone, but I don't pout.
I summoned guards from two shifts on,
Your work I did, off on them, pawn."

"And so, in time, we got her out,
with standard cries, and screams, and shout.
They covered for you, you should know.
Now, your fellow guards, you owe."

And so the three, they took the shift
of fellow guards, whom they had stiffed.
And so they spent their holiday
keeping Namah's rage at bay.

They settled down to watch her show,
Since it seemed to calm her so.
Said Bill to Woods, "It could be worse."
"Speak for yourself, I think we're cursed."

And so, we reach our final scene,
Bill, Damon, Woods, all night, serene,
with Lilith, Namah, watching screen.
That's one way to spend Halloween.
Please bear with me, for this rhyme
has got a little long this time.
I hope that you can find the time
to read it through line after line.

Another bit of rhyming for
the Undead Poets' Soc- uh... or...
the Dreamkeepers 2016
art contest for Halloween.

Well, 'Bonnie wants more coffee, so...
Thanks for reading, I must go.
(Take that you green ball of slime,
I told you I could spin a rhyme.)


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ezioauditore97 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Student General Artist
That came out nicely! A very fun read.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ahhhh, another story finally shows up...just what I was hoping for.
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist
I'm not going to let you win that easily.  ;)

Though, more seriously, if history serves, I expect a surge of entries in the next few days.
Perhaps more writers will be among them.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
HA! Shows what you know, I wanted competition this time. Imagine my surprise last year when I noticed an actual writing category, if I noticed that last year, I'd have submitted an entry then myself. You did a pretty good job with this, excellent job...I don't do too well with rhymes so I couldn't have done a narrative poem like you did. Let's see just who can beat who.

Really? Well that's good to hear...I'm curious to see who else might enter a story this time.
MrMillstone Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
This really is very good! You did a great job. :)
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist
Thank you very much,
I hope you enjoyed reading it.
MrMillstone Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016
Indeed I did.
It was a very fun read!
Reptilian-Angel Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
This poem is absolutely brilliant! The rhythm is incredible and I'm getting a definite kind of Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe vibe from the play of words. Absolutely brilliant!
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist
Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot.
I think, being fun to read, is an important quality for a narrative poem like this to have.
That's one of the reasons I enjoy it anyway.
Given the circumstances, if you're getting Poe vibes from it,
I think I've done my job. :)
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