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Having changed to primarily sculptural work, I've set up a new DA account for this purpose. will host my sculptural creations, for those who might have interest.
My apologies for so long since an update! I ended up slammed by 3D projects, and, so I've got this pile of 2D art building up waiting for a new scanner, which is still not obtained. =(

I commit to rectifying this, much sooner than later, and, feel awful about not keeping up properly. When new scanner is obtained, there are many arts waiting to be posted. I fear I'll never catch up properly with comments =(
Really, I'm not dead! I'm not even just dreaming!

Rather, my computer met its end, and, it's taken longer than I anticipated to get a new one in and my scanner hooked back up. =P But, it should be in by the end of next week, and there are arts waiting on scanning.

Sorry about my lack of precsense lately, but, it's been a little challenging to keep up with everything on shared computer time. =(
Sorry to not post anything in so long, but I've just been that busy lately. Finally getting a bit of something up, but, it's really just concept work for what I've really been doing, building a 3d virtual environment, a region on the Second Life (tm) platform. But, given that I have decided that $ is a rather nice thing, and am planning to take a rather mundane part time job soon, there will actually be more drawings than less, as it's one that can be drawn at, heh.

Again, my apologies for slowness, lack of replies on comments and just silently faving things- time is not my friend!
YAY, DA's finally working again. My Firefox just needed to be upgraded, go figure. =P

But this is why i haven't posted in a while, not death or vanishing or hands falling off. Nah, just a screwed-up DA.

So please forgive my lack of comments, it'll take ages to go through my inbox. But I'm back and stuff!
My DA's been acting. . .wierd. I'm guessing it's sometihng up with Firefox, possibly need to reinstall it, but, figured I'd ask if anyone's experienced issues with not being able to see full views? It's making it a bit hard to go through my inbox. If I click on the fullview dealy, just doesn't do anything.
Havne't posted anything in a while due to obsession with this Earth Rat project, in which many small Earth Rats were drawn. I'll post some soon.

And there's been the Second Life hair/jewelry boutique project I've been working on these last several months, which is now starting to do better than I'd ever anticipated, and is a hell of a lot of fun. I've also been distracted by a new GeForce8400 video card, as well as a shiny Wacom Inutos 3, a suprise gift from a great friend, who now owns my soul apparently. XD This arrived yesterday, and I think I'll not be sleeping for some days.

There will end up being digital paintings in the future. It's a very fun tool.
GAH! It's madness! Been ages since I posted anything, as, it's been a while since I've had any "free drawing" time, it's been all illustration lately. As well as the massive sime sink of designing a gaming environment in SL, building a region from the ground up is a hell of a lot of work, and we're on a schedule. Virtual Arrakis won't build itself. . . back around more when we've hammered polygons together. I'd post it but, I don't believe that DA allows game screenshots even if one did make the contents.

Thanks very much for all watches/faves while I've been busy, and, my apologies for not managing to get back on a lot of comments, the inbox is exploding like usual. So hard to keep up these days.
Just wanted to say thanks for recent watches/faves, always much appreciated =).  Been swamped, and just had nothing quite postable here in a while, but something soon, at least an illustration exerpt.
Just wanted to say thanks to all who've commented and faved my art lately, I've found myself busy and rather neglectful of my galleries. And now I've got overflowing inboxes, and it would be near impossible to leave as many comments as I'd like to, so do forgive the silent faves in lieu of such.

And really, I have no good excuses at all as to why I've neglected my galleries. I've been spending my internet time in Second Life. =P But I built a virtual gallery there! It's still not really a good excuse. . . but it's good at distraction.
Curse you, January, and your drain on my soul. Specifically, the second half of January- first half, you may ignore my spite, for you are fine. But, late January, you leave my spirit a withered and sapped husk, and I spite you for it! The sun wheel shall turn, and the stars shall be right again, and that's when I'll be coming for you. That's right, January, I've had it, and, it's going to be showdown time. . . but I suspect you'll be too coward to show your face again until next year. And again, we'll have a miserable old time.

The end of January and I have never gotten along. I blame astrology, being that it is the opposite of my birth season. It tends to cause me to turn into a classically Lovecraftian character, lurking antisocially within the shadows of my scary home, because that's what one needs to do when a season tries to drive one to madness. Fiendish things, seasons.

Needless to say, I've been rather negelectful of my galleries. So, please do forgive the general lack of commenting, and likely inability to really catch up properly with the last couple weeks. My inboxes have rather exploded. Thank you much to all those who've left comments, watched, faved, is always much appreciated. I will get through my inboxes over the next couple days, and do a lot of silent faving, as there's a lot to get through.
I would suppose my recent lack of submissions would make it appear as if I'm either dead, or, my hand's fallen off. But this isn't in fact the case.

I'm still very much alive, or possibly in a state of less-than-putrefying lichdom, still haven't decided which one. But, that's been something I've wondered for the last decade or so, and, the potential lichdom also isn't an affliction keeping me from posting art.

Rather, I've recently ended up involved with an exciting project, and, am now illustrating a fantastic novel by a talented fellow named Carter Kaplan. Look out folks, RAW's got a challenger on the horizon. Thus, the pictures are for a reason, and, won't be published in full here- because they'll be in a book! I expect that now and again during the project I'll post some concept work and excerpts and that sort of thing. Because if people want to see the pictures, they should just read the book! It's a damn good book involving one of the greatest characters ever, and it seems like one of those things that's just a good idea for humans to read- I'm 100% behind this project. . . as is my favorite living author. It's really quite surreal and exciting, and, I'm still pretty sure it might be some sort of prolonged waking hallucination. But, hallucination or not, I've got plenty more time with pencils, paper, and the Cornelius family ahead of me.
Silly holidays! They've had me kinda slow. Or had time moving extra-fast.

So, sorry about slow replies or lack of commenting- my inbox has gotten really full. That's when it's time for a lot silent faves, I'd leave comments to go with like usual, but need to try and catch up.

Hope you all had a great holiday! =)
And I have made use of it to rant about how EQII : Echoes of Faydwer has claimed my soul the last few days. So I'd like to apologize for my lack of commenting. . . its hold shall weaken soon, but, at the moment, it's shiny new candy. I'm not letting it keep me from drawing, but, I haven't been able to sit at the computer and focus well on much of anything aide from the new EQII expansion. But I'm going to try and get through all the submissions in my inbox, and am sure I'll enjoy them, but please do forgive the lack of commentaries at the time. Truly, I shall be released from the clutches of graphical eye-candy soon and back to commenting like usual.