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No Wind in these Willows
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Published: April 28, 2008
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An illustrative piece inspired by Algernon Blackwood's "The Willows", an amazing short story of atmospheric horror, which HP Lovecraft called his favorite.

Colored pencils on black textured paper.
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I approve of this piece and your username.
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I love your style! atmospheric horror is definitely the word!
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mmm, i like this green a lot.

and now i want to go read the story lol
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Quaddles-RoostHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeously dark and sinister...
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madbaumer37Professional Traditional Artist
makes me feel like i'm outside on a clear windy night.
beautiful work. i love it!
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I love you for this! :faint:

~Aiira pointed it out to me through the forums and I just about fainted when I saw it. Algeron Blackwood is my favorite horror writer of all time. The Willows is a fantastic story. It absolutely blew me away. I avoided trees for a while after I read it.

You really do it justice. Your painting is eerie and disturbs me, in a positive way. I'm quite excited, actually. The particular shade of green you used is perfect, and the moon being green makes it even creepier.

I love how the branches are twisting about. They're perfect.

I shivered when I read about the two men finding the body with little sunken holes in it. It absolutely chilled me to the bone!

I applaud you!
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My apologies for taking so long to reply, but such a thoughtful comment does deserve one- thanks very much, it's really meaningful for a fan of the story to enjoy the work. =) The Willows is one of my favorite bits of literature, and the horror of the story is so wonderfully subtle. I thought it would prove a good challenge, to try and capture the atmosphere of the story, and, thanks so much for your approval. =D
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That's quite all right! :)

You did a good job of capturing the horror, I think.

You're welcome. Thank you for sharing this! :hug:
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Ah - I like it. I always love 'mood' pieces, it's so much more of a challenge than art that features more 'obvious' scary stuff with big teeth and flapping gills.

I recently read Blackwood's entire 'John Silence' cycle. The man gives good horror, which again is usually more about creating a mood than flashy set-pieces.
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Thanks for the comment! I wanted to challenge myself by illustrating such a subtle story. I haven't read all that much Blackwood, and would really like to find some more- because I agree that good horror is about the mood, not about flash, and, his ability to evoke a mood is exceptional.
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I recommend the John Silence stories, but I've yet to read anything else of his. The tales are almost all a relentless build-up of atmosphere. The best is one in which John Silence himself isn't ever actually in it - it's a story about a timid Englishman who gets off a train in France at a random station completely on a whim, and spends the next few days trying to put his finger on why the little village he's staying in feels so odd.

Virtually nothing whatsoever happens throughout the story, and yet it manages to be unbearably tense the whole way through. I'd love to illustrate that one, actually, but it'd be fairly hard to do without giving away the fairly nutty conclusion.
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Thanks very much for the recommendation- I'll have to hunt these down. Sounds like something I'd really enjoy, atmosphere itself tends to be the most inspirational part of a story.
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blind-dancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Willows.. i have to read it, the name rings a bell though... Maybe I've read it a long time ago... what is it about?
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It's a nearly impossible to explain story. =D But it's about two guys on a canoe trip along the Danube, who come to a place of willow trees. And the willow trees do not appear to be happy with the intrusion.
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