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oh my god i feel like a caveman launched forward in time, everything is so different and confusing

So Long, Farewell, and Amen

So Long, Farewell, and Amen

After over a decade of using deviantArt to house my art, I'm ready to move on to different places. It's difficult walking away from such an amazing miniature empire; you guys have all been fantastic to me, from PFF2 fans to Pokemorph fans - the entire lot of you. But growth begets change. I've been using Tumblr as my primary art gallery for over a year now, since there are less restrictions on what I can post over there, and deviantArt has been more than a little confining over the past few years. So, what's going to happen? I'll be going through my gallery and purging it pretty thoroughly. Anything I've drawn is going to be taken down and m

Own a Nintendo 3DS? I want to share some of my Miis.

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Well, it's a hell of a shame that you quit our NinDB. But shit happens. I don't know if you'll still use this anymore either.

By the way, I still haven't heard from you about this yet: Have you played Super Peach 3D World and Hyrule Warriors: Starring Zelda Herself(!!!)? Do you own a Wii U with them?
Eh, it just felt like it was time to move on. And I use dA as a means of communication, but I only stop by once a week.

I've played SM3DW and I've had a lot of fun with it! it's one of the first games I got for the WiiU. Have yet to 100% it, though. As for Hyrule Warios, I've heard that it's an acceptable game, but very grindy and frustrating. And I've gotten mixed reports on whether or not Zelda actually gets kidnapped, like nobody can make up their damn mind.
Peach is now a character that I finally got a newfound respect for, and it had to take until SM3DW for that. You know, Nintendo really has started becoming a lot kinder to their female characters lately. Rosalina in 3D World as well, Brittany in Pikmin 3, Dixie Kong in DKC Tropical Freeze, Isabelle in AC: New Leaf (if this counts?), more of them in Smash Bros. (compared to Brawl and back!)...

But on the other hand, there's one character I still don't understand how and why the hell anyone likes her at all: Daisy.
-Has a weird, deformed doll face that would even scare Chucky. ( www.mariowiki.com/images/3/32/… See?)
-Hardly does enough to set herself apart from Peach. (Half of the time, it's like she can't do anything without her!)
-Homeland hasn't amounted to shit in 25 years.
-The Year of Luigi didn't try to do anything about her.

I still don't get what people see in her.
happy birthday