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Eclipse Is Broken
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Nutmeg Tannerson


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The Red Menace


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The Missing Feather

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a Fuzor named Silverbolt. He lived in a wrecked mansion called 'The Darksyde' with four Predacons. This Fuzor had goodness in his spark, but he wasn't very observant. All day long, he had to clean the mansion and cook for his cruel stepfather, Megatron, and his ugly stepbrother, Quickstrike. This made him very sad. But one day, a peregrine falcon drops a letter on the mansion's front porch. After blasting at the bird with the mansion's Auto-Cannons, Megatron steps outside to retrieve the letter. Upon opening it, he sees that it was an invitation. "The Princess Arachnia and her father Lord


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EA Meme

Funny Stuff

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Request for Safire50777

"Hello? Hello? Anybody out.....Aw, what's the fragging use?" An orange femme, with a leg pinned to the floor by a huge boulder kept moaning her fate soon to come, when suddenly, a shadow jumped past rapidly. "Great, first Darkprime left me here to die, and now I'm freaking out at shadows....." The shadow-creature came out of hiding, blasting the boulder to atoms. "Thanks. Who are you anyhow?" The mech stepped out, he looked like BM cheetor, only green, purple, and with a huge purple lightning bolt on his chest. "'Lo there, darlin' The name's Lynxor. Pleased ta meet 'cha." The orange and red femme cautiously shook the ninja-bot's hand. "You're

DA Family

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Oversized Glasses


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Caroline Cooper

Allegiance: The Cooper Clan/American Revolutionary Army Age: 24 Birthplace: Boston Fur Colour: Light brown w/ black stripes Eye Colour: Blue. Height: Five foot two Weapon of Choice: A two-handed Cooper Cane. Clothing: Traditional Colonial Gown. Biological Father: Unknown Biological Mother: Unknown History: Born in Boston circa 1753, Caroline Cooper was an odd duck. She was adopted by a blacksmith’s family at an early age, wasn’t aware of her lineage until her 16th birthday, grew up in a loyalist household that feared the British Empire, and had an uncanny ability to appear at the right place at the wrong time. On her sixteenth bi

Sly Cooper

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That Theiving Son of a Scoundrel.

Not to the South of little old Bonnydoon lived a mean old weasel landlord named Lord Barney Fitch who ran a sugar plantation farm. All day and all night, he would throw a tantrum if the workers didn't farm enough sugar, never coming out from his manor unless it meant three things-a Trooper visit, to count his money, or to issue punishment to the overworked farmers. Big Barney Fitch, he got soddenly rich He got a big fancy house in Melbourne With buckets of loot and big black leather boots Acting so haughty and well-born Today, it was the latter. Barney Fitch opened his door with a creak before scanning the surrounding sugar plants. His e

Ringtail in the Bush

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A Nightmare Darkly

Cairo, Egypt. Sly's Hideout: The night was not kind to our beloved raccoon. In his sleep, Sly kept tossing and turning. His mind kept reliving the same moment over and over again, each playing out the same way; with him and Tunkhamen arguing in Tunkhamen's home, after the Fire. "Listen. Your brother is a genocidal maniac. I have to stop him here and now, before he becomes obsessed with killing you." "I see no difference! Even if you share my blood, what would killing him prove?!" "You watched my brother die, didn't you? And for what reward?! Revenge? Well congratulations, vermin. I hope it was worth it. Now get out of my sight." Sly sudden

Under the Iron Claw

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Yellow Paladin

Fan Sentai

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Nightmare Ranger

Power Rangers

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Black Wyvern

MMPR Remake Concept

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Eagle Riders

Book of Power

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Story; On the distant planet Valoris, there exist a race of intelligent machines called Convertors. For centuries, two factions, the benevolent Defenders, led by King First Track, and the malevolent Maladroids, led by the insidious Lord Sunyak, have been at war for control of Valoris. Having already ravaged the Inner World, Sunyak is preparing to lead an army to the Surface World and conquer it's rich resources. But when the Avarian city of High-Roost is crushed beneath the iron boot of a Maladroid/Insector alliance, five survivors decide to join the Defenders and fight back against the Maladroids' reign of terror. Characters: Protagonists:


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The Armoury- Transport

The Armoury

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Sir Duncan

MOTU Redesigns

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Reinforcements From The Future- Stampede

Defenders of Etheria

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Western Trails

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Radioactive Zombie

The Mighty Mutanimals

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Shinkasen Heart-Yoroi Form


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Usagi Yojimbo


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Shin Gaim Fruits List

Obscure Fruits: Shirokishi- Citron Melon: A close relative of the Watermelon, the Citron Melon is a fruit native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Grown as food in South Africa, and has been used as a source of water in dry seasons. It's also known as the Pie Melon, and has been growing feral in Mexico. Kabosu: A green citrus fruit found in Japan, the juice of a Kabosu is used to improve the taste of many Japanese dishes. Not usually eaten by itself. Aojin- Rambutan: A medium-sized fruit related to the Lychee. Native to Malay-Southeastern Asia. Leia- Quandong: An Australian fruit usually found in the Outback. Also referred to as a Nati

Shin Kamen Rider Gaim- Mystery of Neo-Yggdra

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Kamen Rider Gokushin

Kamen Rider

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Adopted Characters

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