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hi friends! long time no see huh ;w; sorry yall, i am badddd at keeping up w anything hughsdhkg

so what's up with me? uhhh WELL FIRST THINGS FIRST MAMA MOVED IN WITH ME Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2]  S-SO THAT'S A BIG THING. she's been in a kinda switchy swing so i havent been getting...all the spankings i probably need, but regardless i'm so so happy my beautiful lady is finally living with me! she makes everything so much nicer and more fun ;w; (funnier too, she is a hoot)

and it's my birthday today :00 im 23...months-- *immediately jailed for overdone joke crimes* of course this means birthday spankings...p-pray for me, guys. :'DD

i am still trying hard to be more productive...depression is a horrible thing and ruins my creativity bluh bluh blech i hate it :c but i'll be busy with less real-life arrangements soon and can do more goofy fun stuff!

hope yall are doing well <3 i love every last one of ya's
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well, the moment i get a spurt of creativity and actually start drawing stuff...i also get a new game console, and all that creativity immediately channels itself into exploring hyrule instead. Satone Embarrassed Icon  botw has me, predictably, entranced. i wanna get spanked by the whole population of gerudo town, huehuehue

that being said, i am honestly trying to be more active on here in ways other than just commenting! b-but i comment a lot anyway because i gotta show the peeps i follow how cool they are ;w;

i'm trying to start a new project, drawing fanart of the most well-known rejuve universe stories (melody's stories, pint-sized engineer, kayla, jade growing up again) to show my appreciation for this wonderful, interesting storyverse! Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2]  i'm not much of an artist, but i wanna get stuff out there anyway...especially my headcanon designs for the characters from stories that are text-only. god knows i've re-read the melody series so many times that it all plays out in my head like an anime by now...

i might start posting my stories here on da, but considering the uh..."content police" lurking around, i'm not sure. ;w; i really do want to start writing again.

that was a lot of text for me to say absolutely nothing, but regardless, i promise i'm not artistically dead!

(also, to all my watchers, thank you for putting up with me this long <3 i love each 'n every one of you!!)
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i...don't expect it to get super noticed or anything considering how small this fanbase is, but i suppose it's worth putting it out there just in case~
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i didn't think i'd get watchers here, oh golly >////<;; i'm not even much of an artist...hoping to change that tho!

i'm still hesitant to upload my stories, but the itch to get drawing has been eating away at me like craaazy!! :0 if yall are thaaat curious about my writings i've got em up on ao3, linked somewhere in my profile

been thinking of branching out a tiny bit with my content too...rejuve will always be my main love, but for the sake of not getting terribly repetitive i might upload regular abdl/ar/spanking stuff too-- teiko's become something of a "littlesona" in my mind, altho in her case i might keep her as a penitatas no matter what...reflects my masochist side, haha.

there's just so many games and anime out there that i wanna see characters from in cute situations, and i need to flex my creative muscles! >:3

so uh...よろしくお願いします! wish me luck with further endeavors! (and thank you all from the bottom of my strange lil heart for watching, you guys are great!)

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