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Rejuve Universe OC - Teiko Inaba by teiko-inaba Rejuve Universe OC - Teiko Inaba by teiko-inaba
made with kisekae because i am a hella bad artist x_x

Name: Teiko Inaba

Sentence: 6 cycles 5-12 for public indecency

Backstory: An amorous young woman, Teiko was caught doing illicit things in public and sentenced to be a Penitatas. It was later found out she was selling herself online as well, which extended her sentence a couple cycles, giving her 3 cycles minimum as hard-time.

Personality: Shy, timid, just a bit high-strung, hiding a dirty mind that her nano-web and parents are trying very hard to get out of her, but it's her biggest obstacle to overcome. She wants to do better in her new life despite old habits being hard to break, and is trying her best to be a good Penny.


oh i go, uploading this...i'm kinda nervous >>;; her backstory and sentence could be misconstrued pretty easily, but i don't mean anything creepy with any of it. it's more a joke on my personality considering teiko is a bit of a self-insert/persona for me haha...ha...OTL

i know most rejuve kids are on the skinny side, but i wanted her body type to match mine irl so she's a bit of a chubby bunny ;w; speaking of bunny, those ears are an accessory haha. they make her feel safe, so her parents gave her a bit of leeway and let her wear them most of the time
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January 8, 2017
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