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Rejuve Universe OC - Parker Patterson by teiko-inaba Rejuve Universe OC - Parker Patterson by teiko-inaba
Name: Parker Patterson

Sentence: 3 or 4 cycles of 4-10, for general delinquency

Backstory: Parker was always a problem child, and of course that meant he was a problematic adult too. A dropout student with a love of drugs, alcohol and fighting, he managed to get away with quite a few minor crimes by simply skipping town before he got caught, but his little "escape artist" escapades were put to a stop when he was caught in a town that used judicial rejuvenation as their means of punishment.

Personality: "Bratty" is his biggest trait-- he's loud, rowdy, rebellious and self-centered, which obviously earns him a lot of extra spankings at the hands of his no-nonsense parents. But underneath his difficult exterior he's mostly just lonely. He gets his energy through being around others, and is always desperate for attention and validation whether it be positive or not. His rambunctious nature could definitely be put to good use, but he still needs a little help getting there.


and here's my bratty blondie himself, parker! he's the protagonist of the longest-running series i've written, which can be checked out on my ao3 under "delinquent defanged"! he's very loosely based off a preexisting character, but so far removed now i basically just consider him an oc ><;;

writing a bratty protagonist has been a bit of a challenge for me because i'm afraid of making him unlikeable, but both him and i are doing our best, lol!! he'll be less of a terror later on in the story. ;w;
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January 8, 2017
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