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Rejuve Universe OC - Kuro Ushida by teiko-inaba Rejuve Universe OC - Kuro Ushida by teiko-inaba
Name: Kuro Ushida

Age: (Currently) late-twenties

Occupation: Penitatas parent, part-time model

Backstory: Kuro works as a model for a fashion company part-time, but applied to be a Penitatas parent because her strong maternal instinct and strict discipinary values made her a natural fit for the position. As Teiko's mama, she couldn't be happier-- her daughter can be a handful sometimes, but Kuro dotes on her and shows her affection almost as much as she spanks her.

Personality: Feisty, a little brash, caring and motherly, strict disciplinarian but doting parent, somewhat vain, loves fancy (bordering on gaudy) clothing and cute things.


gosh, it's been a while huh? I PROMISE I'LL GET ACTUAL DRAWINGS UP SOON ;q; i just needed a ref for mama kuro-chan up for when i start to commission more art!! she's very loosely based on my irl girlfriend/mommy domme, so i have a very strong attachment to this character already. XD

where's her spouse, you ask? the world may never know...(no seriously i haven't figured this out yet i've gotta ask the missus lol)

much like my two other refs, this was made in kisekae2~
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