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Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion, My Favorite character in the whole series, I should paint him first, Sorry for late,. I think many of you may be familiar with this scene , He was brought to the Sky Cell in the
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He looks like a Hobbit there, I love it :D
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You made him way too hot haha XD Awesome job!
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I think you pretty much nailed it. I love the mountain scenery in the background!
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i think you draw GOT characters better than the actors that they choose  ( sorry for my bad english, i'm italian) awesome works|!!!!!!
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Thank you for the art work and time you took to make Tyrion Lannister. He's my favorite character from the Lannister family.
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Tyrion was my favorite too! beautiful tribute to him. Well done!
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This is pretty amazing! 
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You really nailed it with this Tyrion :) Love it!
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This is incredible!
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he reminds me of frodo
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Who wouldn't love him, the man hit Joffrey at least 5 times... I didn't count, but...

Awesome artwork too!
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Tyrion is my favorite too! I love how witty he is! :) Very nice job here! You captured this moment perfectly!
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also my favorite character - and so very well done!
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One of my favourite characters as well :)
I really love your portraits, your digital painting is simply wonderful!
Hey I just found your gallery (I was searching for ASOIAF art) and I must say I absolutely love your character portraits. (Consider this a comment on all of them) Most people are just copying the TV show, but your images are just like what I had in my head while I was reading. (Except even more beautiful that I could have imagined!) You capture so much about the characters in each picture, it's astonishing. I really wish I had your talent.

I'm favoriting all your work! More please!
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Exactly how he looks.
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Brilliant! Tyrion is one of my favorite characters as well. I hope he doesn't let bitterness consume him. Great picture!
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Stunning. This is just a perfect Tyrion.
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I have to agree with you, by far the coolest character in season/book 1, in my opinion closely folowed by the youngest Stark Daughter (I forget her name).
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It's really awesome. What media you used in your works?
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Photoshop~ oil and air brushes thank you btw~ :D
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