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Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister, The frist Lannister member I did for the whole Series, It was a Difficult task for me, as I don't aim to make this jaime similar with any other Jaime done by other artists, So I Used this expression ,Hope you like it,
by the way, the next one would be Tyrion,

I will try to post a character per week, Trying my best to achieve it,
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My favorite character ;)
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Oh Jaime, if only you were born a Targaryen, you would have been a glorious prince.
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just as depicted in the book!
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This is amazing.
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this is absolutely fantastic! the kind of art I wish I could create.
Just how I imagine him. :)
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Just fantastic, wow just wow
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This is beautiful. Really beautiful.
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What I like about this image is that all the swords are at his back, but he's bound to lead them. Very Jaime.
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Jaime is a bastard...
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Oh wow! SO beautiful!
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Featured Here - 25+ Beautiful Game of Thrones Fan Art Examples: [link]
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kingslayer, more like kidslayer.
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Very nice interpretation of Jaime! The Sunlight in the bg fits so perfectly!
this is awesome! and you gave him an extra hand!
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Fantastic composition! I love your depiction of him!
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very nice, threw a look at me thank you
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awesome, love the spears
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