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Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark, the 1st character I did for the whole series, the next one is Jon snow, and then more will come as well
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amazing work with colours and shading!
illumination it´s simply great.
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He look quite handsome 
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I like how all your characters seem like the appropriate ages from the books!
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Wow, this painting carries so much the emotions from Ned... beautiful...
Just one detail though, I remember his eyes grey from the book, and the importance of the eyes, not given in the tv series, is quite strong in the written volumes... I would see an older Robb more than a Ned in those eyes :)
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Wow! That is how a true northerner should look like - hard, relentless, wolfish. And in the case of Ned, you've captured his 'honor' - that is the face of a man who would not forgive slights to his honor.
DO... NOT.... FUCK.... WITH... THE.... STARKS!!!
And this is how Eddard should looks like. Great job!
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so what this pictureit means? Or nothing
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Absolutely amazing. I love the weirwood leaves! Also, I like your own style and interpretation of the characters. I imagined many of them to look totally different than the actors they used in the series.

Do you, by chance, sell your art as prints or maybe even posters? I'd love to buy one. I'd love to have some ASOIAF art on my walls and this is way better than most of the stuff I've seen.
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I definitely love his eyes and face expression. Beautiful piece of work!
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imagine that brooch is his real hand lmao.
just for joke. i really love your pictures!
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Awesome vision. Beautifuly done.
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May I use this as my avatar? If not, let me know and I'll take it down. 

I love it!
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No Eddard! Why you have to die?? Still fuming about four books later :(
Nice picture, I like that you included the Godswood
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Wonderful color and expression.
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I'm speechless, your artwork is great!
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