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Daenerys Targareyen

he Tough Princess with the true dragon blood, Always love her~

this is the 3rd character in the series,
whats next?
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Are you selling any of your art as art prints?

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I want to let you know another deviantart user (Eularesko) has edited your art and posted it as their own. I reported the image but you may want to follow up on it. Daenery's
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Superb, great work super gallery. Thank you. Alan
Beautiful, thank you!
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This looks really amazing! I love how that fire turned out. Daenerys looks so strong, a tough princess indeed! well done!
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thank you for your piece of art, sir.
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Wow, this is amazing. Very classy and beautiful, good job :3 
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Dany is my favorite character, and you captured her beautifully. The fire around her, the fiery look in her eyes, the baby dragons looking both fierce and adorable....amazing,
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Hi there! I love your work! I was just wondering is it ok if I could share this image on the Da seniors Instagram? (… )I will fully link and credit you of course! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) thank you for your time!
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Wow love your drawing of daenerys Targaryen she's gorgeous and beautiful love the details that you put in
it's amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A tough princess indeed, and truly the embodiment of all that is Fire in the Song of Ice and Fire saga. She is the one character in the whole series, other than Arya Stark, that people most often compare me to for a variety of reasons... so she is one of my absolute favorite characters in the series, if not my absolute favorite. I totally had to fave this incredible work of art! I like the way you've given your Daenerys a sort of ghostly look to her... it is very unique and different, and plays up her mystical attributes well. Be sure to have a look at my Dragon Mother Jessica photos sometime that I've put up here on DeviantArt... I did an interesting Daenerys cosplay in them that I think you'd find quite cool. They're under my self-portrait photos on my gallery pages. Love all your Song of Ice and Fire art! Great works, and then some. :)
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Is very very very good!!!
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I like the way you drew the fire!
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love this, shes my favorite character!
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Gorgeous, my favorite character.
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Favorite moment in the series. Thank you so much.
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