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Vision blurs
The hardest part about being away from home is not knowing where you are.
The hive was a familiar place, easy to navigate despite the twist and turns.  It was warm, breezes flitting through open windows and various nooks and crannies.  There were people there.  People she had known all of her life.  They had been family, though the term was tenuous.  Co-workers was better suited.  Co-workers bound by blood and obligations.  A hive cannot work unless everyone works.
It's times like this that the remembrance makes her vision blur.  Her eyes are clouded by something and she pushes up her glasses so no one can see.  'Wide rim, bug eyes are in style,'  she reminds herself, trying to refocus.  'Aren't I lucky?'
The world up here is not so easy to manage.  It is without the high winds she can no longer find her way through, but there are cracks.  There are indents.  Things come suddenly and it's hard to manage when you are
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The Widow Nadasdy
“I was married once.”  Her voice is a low hum and she is content to sit playing with the fiery tips of her hair.  She is freshly showered all the carnage is behind her.  “It wasn’t my choice.  Very little was actually my choice back then.  You know how it was for women back then.  It didn’t matter what I had to offer as a person or what I wanted, it was about family connections.  Social standing and social bettering.  You know.  Politics.”
She is silent for a moment.  “His name was Ferenc.  Ferenc Nadasdy.  I didn’t love him.  I don’t think I can love anyone, but we were good for each other.  He wasn’t very smart, but I am.  I handled everything, and he went to war and made us all proud.  I learned a lot from him.  Being married to him kept me safe.”
“He never knew.”  She gestures to a spot of blood on the towel.  &
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Camaraderie behind closed doors
No matter how many panic attacks she had, it was still horrifying. 
Leaving the room in it's current state of chaos had been difficult, and now Lenore feared she had created a bigger scene than Stella and April could have ever, and now everyone was sitting around the table, not talking about Stella and her many grievous faults anymore, but Lenore and her sudden outburst.  It certainly didn't help.  All Lenore had ever wanted from life was to be normal, and she had been doing a wonderful job faking it until she made it, but all that progress had been undone now.  Not even five minutes to ruin months and months of her efforts.
Perhaps April was right.  Stella ruins everything for everyone, and everyone but Stella has to deal with the consequences. 
She tried to breathe deep and focus on that, but a voice called out, "Lenore?  Lenore, where are you?"  Despite her panic, she recognized April's voice and thought of what Stella had said about
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Peasants can't take direction
Here’s a scenario for you.  You are in my employment.  In return for food and shelter from the dangerous times, I want my homes to be clean, I need food prepared, clothes need to be handled, just housework.  I’m not asking you to do anything too complicated.  If anything, I’m doing all the complicated work.  I’ll handle the finances, and keep the country safe.  You just keep the floor under my feet clean, and I will handle this for you.
This isn’t revolutionary, but you don’t seem to understand why I’m calling you to the window.  It’s dusty.  ”But I just cleaned it.”  You protest.
Honey, if its dusty, you didn’t do a good job.  This is a warning.
God help you if you steal.  What is it?  You wanted this coin?  Am I not paying you?  Did you forget that?  Do you think your meals and clothes and
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Eyelash Wish
There is an eyelash on the girls cheek.
She’s dead now, more blood on the outside then on the inside.  Erzsebet looks on, like she always does.  She will be branded a necrophiliac in later years because she does not mind the presence of dead things.  She’s constantly standing over the bodies, half wondering if the girl will get up and continue her chores, half wondering if all life must end.  She doesn’t have sex with the bodies - that would be disgusting - she just likes to look.  It makes her feel like God, who gives and takes away.
Reaching down, she touches the girls cold face, the eyelash on her finger now.  In a motion, the finger is at her lips and she blows - a wish.
:icontei-rei:Tei-rei 5 1
    I began 2012 alone and as a pushover, but this was a year of discovery and self improvement.  I entered the year burdened with the emotional baggage of 2011, and I had to find a way to handle it.  Winter has always been a difficult season for me.  The cold brings snow and beauty, in the vast white expanse I tend to feel so small and alone.  Sometimes I can’t cope with that.  I returned to school for the spring semester and the depression sat so heavy on me.  I couldn’t cope with a lot of things I was going through.  I couldn’t handle feeling so alone, unwanted and worthless.
    I don’t know if I hit rock bottom, but I know I climbed up.  I made changes.  I started forcing myself to interact with people and stop being such an introvert.  I started feeling better than I had in a long time.  Everything felt light somehow, as if I was cured, and I would begin l
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The Tower
Countess Erzsebet Bathory looked out the small opening in the wall.  It was hard to see what lay ahead of her as it was dark.  Unsatisfied, she sat down, avoiding looking in the mirror.  The aristocrat considered writing a letter that would never be sent, but decided against it.  She had grown accustomed to sitting in silence, occasionally broken by the guards conversation, or an unearthly visitor, and doing nothing.
She had been in her tower for three years they told her.  She had no choice but to believe them.  How else could she measure time?
Moving across the room, she avoided the mirror.  Although she had draped something over it long ago, there was still that temptation.  She didn't want to know how old she looked now, having not been able to 'treat' herself in years.  Even now, her vanity was present, still commanding her.  She had put deep thought into giving a full confession, but the cons outweighed the pro
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'It's two in the morning, fucking leave me alone.' Freya wanted to protest, but what came out was "It's two in the fucking leave me alone."  It had been hard for him to adjust to living with Aiden.  Sure, there were maids who cleaned, and people who cooked - but the clocks and all the ticking and chiming!  There was a rather large grandfather clock down the hall that woke him up every hour on the hour, and he had only learned to sleep through it now.  That, or he was too tired to wake up.  
Freya had changed rooms a few times, but he couldn't escape the clocks.  In one room he found there was a cuckoo clock whose infernal chirping woke him every half hour, as if the chiming from down the hall wasn't enough.  In another the ticking was so loud and unearthly, sleep was impossible.  And then there was Aiden, who couldn't understand why ticking and chiming and chirping would ever be a problem, and seemed offended that Freya didn't want to stay in the
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Re:Trout heart Replica
i. Strain Theory
Strain theory states that people are conditioned to want success, though not all are given the means to achieve it.  When success cannot be reached, strain is created, which gives birth to deviance.  
"It's just a matter of trying hard enough."  Griseldis had told herself often, rejecting the idea.  She had tried hard enough to get various diplomas, find ways to pay for them, and start her life.  It was a strain, but there was no deviance - just a nice one bedroom apartment and more luxury than she had imagined herself having.  She had enough money to throw around and buy good food and provide for someone else.  
She had enough money to buy fancy lingerie, as silly a luxury it was.
Looking in the mirror, it was right.  It was flattering.  But it felt wrong.  Maybe because it wasn't gray, like she was used too.  Maybe because she had all these aspirations of that special Honeymoon, but she and the man were not a ver
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Communism was not a present idea in 17th century Hungary.  The King could not handle the idea of one Countess owning a third of Hungary, passing laws giving peasant women rights, and coming to him demanding her money back.  ”I have daughters to marry Mathias.”  Something in Countess Bathory’s tone ran chills down his spine and her smile bore into his brain.  ”I need my money back.”  Yes - she had the money, but he was King, and the King did not take orders from a woman. 
Something had to be done about this. 
“Seven women have gone missing from your estate this last month.”  Something had to be done, and who better to investigate than the Prince Palpatine? 
Countess Bathory’s eyebrows furrowed and her words were slow and deliberate.  ”They were sick, and I’ve never seen a sickness like that.  We killed them so it wouldn’t spread.” 
“May I see them?
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First entry – The sky is blue and there are few clouds.  It has rained little.  It is spring here?
I have been so busy with learning all the customs and how to be polite and a good wife, I have not had time to write.  Seung is teaching me this writing, and says it is good to practice.  I will.  
I take lessons with another lady.  Her name is Salacia.  I do not think she is a lady in that she is not of status.  I do not know why Salacia is here.  She does not want to speak this language and talks in one I don't understand.
There is a special teacher for manners.  I do not like her.  She is rude and smells like death.  
Pei Jing is supposed to be my personal servant, but I do not like that.  In my land, we all have our duties.  Hers is to serve me, and mine is to be a good wife.  I do not see why I cannot be nice and friends with Pei Jing.  She does not know how to write or read.  I try to teach her beca
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No Girls, I'm not Satan
"This is probably the best hour of my week."  April admitted after a long silence, reclining on the couch.  "Even if we're just messing with each other, it's nice to have down time and my God," she laughed, "Stella gets so angry, because she can't spend like an hour cleaning one vase."
Stella came up often in the sessions with April, as well with the other women.  There were a lot of complaints about 'How come on top of doing my job I have to cover for her?' and the like, even sweet and even tempered Lenore's face contorted as she spat out "Stella is rude as Hell" in a way that almost made Griseldis laughed.  Yes, she could say it now - none of the women liked Stella, but that didn't mean a whole lot and it didn't do much.  "And you like that?"  She asked.
"I just don't like Stella."  The other admitted, smiling candidly.  "It's a nice change of pace to make her cover for me.  I think anyone would feel the same."  And she was probably r
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Too Much - Not Enough
                "How do you feel?"  He asked her.
                She wasn't sure how to answer.  "Heavy.  Weighed down.  Burdened."  She dropped words, hoping something would clue him in - but at the same time, she just wanted him to leave.  She just wanted them all to leave.  She just wanted some time to herself to do as she pleased.  She didn't want to be judged for staying on the couch and numbing her mind, numbing herself. 
                She had developed the habit of counting weight loss commercials.  She had a fondness for counting and numbers.  She didn't know why she started, but she knew she had originally only done it when people where around.  She had forgotten if she was counting the commercials then, or if it was eyes o
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The Thrill
Killing isn’t so hard anymore.  It’s almost too easy.  Either she’s getting too strong, or these new girls they keep bringing her are weaker.  She doesn’t care about the peasants, or why it’s getting easier to kill them.  
It’s just losing something, and she doesn’t know what.
Perhaps it’s not taboo anymore.  And her household knows of the horrors, so it’s not even a surprise to her victims!  Where did the fun go?
She needs a little thrill.  She always has.   At first she tries new things.  Eventually it becomes mundane.  What does she have to do?  
She needs to go bigger, somehow.  She considers involving the other aristocrats somehow.  She cracks jokes.  She makes hints.  No dice.  She does everything short of tell them.  She considers leaning into handsome men's ears and whispering "I kill my servants" as they dance, but she can't find it
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Two arms, two legs, two wings, and two long pig tails on one head.  Nine was a good number.  The best number.  Her favorite number.  
Three pigs out back, accompanied by two fluffy sheep, and five gross chickens.  Nine.  That was a good number.  Belah said one of the pigs was a boar, and maybe there would be piglets in the spring.  She hoped there was nine more.’
She rested against her sister, counting the scars on her upper arms and back.  She had only ever made it to nine before Belah stopped her - something about not liking being touched where people hurt her, or being touched at all.  She wanted to count her scars, but she couldn’t bend that well.  She tried anyway.
Five fingers on one hand.  Five on the other.  Ten.  No.  She didn’t like that one bit.  Not at all.  ”Why do I have ten?”  She asked, looking up.
Belah was still rolling down her sleeves.  
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Glass Slipper
“I still can’t believe you were cheating,” Light said, his tone a little incredulous as he looked up at the ceiling; he was sprawled naked under the bedsheets with his hair in truly spectacular disarray. The warmth between them seeped throughout the room, tinting the air with the comfortable drowsiness that always accompanied them when the elements of their relationship were finally let loose and simultaneously drawn together, unbidden outside the damning rules of the investigation.
“Cheating is a very strong word, Light-kun,” L replied sweetly, glancing down at him – he was sitting up on his side of the bed, fully dressed again and nibbling at his thumbnail. “I prefer to call it ‘manipulation of card sequence to one’s advantage’.”
Light averted his eyes towards the detective, meeting his charcoal gaze.
“Don’t try and worm your way out of it,” the teen snapped haughtily.
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Random Death Note quotes 4
All these qutoes are from DM and KN. We were cosplaying Death Note characters. There is only quote that we didn't cosplay. Some of these quotes are embarrasing so we didn't say who said them.
L(re-enacting Light getting laid instead of him): And so Light called his booty from the top of a mountain like the horny goat he was. 'Boooooooooootttttyyyyy~ Booooooooootttttttttyyyyyyyy~!!!' he called them! And so Misa and and many other women, and some gay men, came running!! they flooded the streets of Tokyo!! They scaled buildings stopped trafic, tipped over cars, and knocked over buses!! Many people were killed in the great stampead of booty!!! All Just to answer Light's Booty Call.
Light: ...
Watari: Why did you bring your shoes if you were'nt going to wear them?
L: So people wouldn't think I was homeless.
Light: So, you live in your shoes?
Mello: Every lesbian chick at my school thinks I'm a girl and wants me.
Matt: Isn't that a good thing?
Mello: Yeah but I'm a guy. They're going to be d
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First off, the hair is incredible. The shading on that and her face is fantastic. Her head does look a little lopsided, and it should b...


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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 14, 2013, 7:09 PM
My subscription runs out in a week, and I'm not sure if I'll keep it.
I don't post a lot of my work here anymore, because I'm a creative writing major - most of my stuff is for class, and I actually get critiques there instead of fave and runs and 'i liked it'.  I don't really draw anymore because I'm busy.  I really only come on here to manage a friends group, and I want out of that (unless changes can be made).
With all that said, I don't really see the point in still having it.  Unless I can get a really good deal, I might not.

I'm mostly on tumblr these days.  If you want my URL let me know.


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