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Whatchu see, Waddle Dee?

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Ahh, finally finished one! Waddle Dee was more challenging than Waddle Doo and Kirby, but less so than, well, everything else I've done - he's just got a weird body shape. But he looks pretty damn cute!

Meta Knight and Kirby are on their way next - I'm waiting for the gloss spray on them to dry out, and I have to glue on Meta Knight's cape. Count Bleck is coming along, too.
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These guys look really impressive to me. excellent job on the colour variations in Waddle doo's eye. Waddle dee is nicely posed :)

looking at these guys next to each other, I'm suddenly coming up with the idea that Kirby is an embryonic stage, grows into waddle dee, morphs into doo, and goes on to become the lightning eyeball cloud thing.
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That's not a bad theory! The Kirby anime has its own thing, I think, where all kirbies start out pink and marshmallowy, but when they reach adulthood, they turn blue - like Meta Knight. I like yours better, though - it gives Meta Knight more mystique.
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I didn't know about that from the anime...
for obvious reasons XD
glad my idea sounded good!
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So kyoot! Somehow i never made the connection between the two, despite stealing my cousin's DS and accompanying kirby games constantly....
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Hahaha, it's kinda obscure, yeah. :D