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Waddle Doo, Waddle Don't

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Ahh, Waddle Doo.


To be honest, I can't think of much to say. Waddle Doo has never particularly meant anything to me as a minion or an installment of the Kirby franchise, but I won't deny it was fun making the li'l dude. I had a blast painting his eye; I discovered that a suitable alternative to using straight black for eyes is to mix it with some blue, which gives it a bit more depth, something I've been struggling with on another sculpture I need to finish painting.

Also, those antennae were a real pain in the heinder, so I'm glad they managed to stay in place (mostly, that one on the left is drooping) while they were baking.

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Besides the flawed feet, Waddle Doo looks very nice!

Did you model this before or after Brawl?
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What's wrong with the feet?

I made it early last week, using the picture in the lower left corner as reference. The colors are a bit brighter on mine, but I like him anyway. :D
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The feet cracked a bit. Seems you could have moulded it a bit better - or faster. I looks like you tried to merge the material but it solidified too early =P

And I find the colors alright, actually.
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Oh yeah, just noticed that. I had to add more to the foot in order to get it to stand properly; I guess I forgot to push the bits together to make it seamless. Thanks for the feedback again!