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This is my other labor of love, the most challenging Kirby piece I've worked on, Meta Knight. Sure, he starts out as a ball, as all other Kirby characters do, but he's got so many pointy bits and details!

While Count Bleck required an obnoxious re-sculpt, Meta Knight's paint job was obnoxious. I had to repaint different parts of it repeatedly - and, like Count Bleck, I thought it was ready to go last night when I realized that, upon taking the pictures, the purple I used for the boots and shoulder pads looked identical to the blue I'd used for the body on camera. I finally just buckled down and, after already having repainted it several times for various reasons, just buckled down and repainted almost the entire thing, starting with the purple stuff. Somewhere along the line, I'd picked up really shitty acrylic paints that didn't go on very thick; the blue I used for the body had to be layered on multiple times, and I'd also used a gray for the mask that I eventually managed to paint over with a mix of black and white from a different and better brand of paint.

The hardest part of the sculpt - unsurprisingly - was the sword. But it came out looking pretty alright, if I do say so myself! The mask was a nice challenge too; I'd baked the body first, and then took fresh clay to it to make the mask.

Made with white Sculpey, armature wire, and cheap-o acrylic and fabric paints. The cape is made of scrap silk that I had left over from the gloves from my Hunter Cosplay, and has been glued to his body with Gorilla Glue.
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Dude! Want one! When are you gonna put them into mass production? ;)
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Hahaha, sorry, this piece is one-of-a-kind. But I might be tempted to sell it off, cuz you're not the first person to express interest...hmm.
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Gahhh :XD: thy skillz put mine to shame...but I don't mind. :P

I love that sword, and the paint's perfect. Great job overall ^^
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Well, I've been working with the stuff for a bit longer, so all it takes is practice. :3 Soon enough you'll be churning out your own Meta Knights and Count Blecks! And thank you :3
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No prob ^^

Well, someday. In the meantime, more random unpostables! :XD:

(that's the stuff that's too good to toss out or reuse, but not good enough to let others see it. ^^;)
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>XD awesome awesome this is so damn AWESOME
you surprise me every time,great work!!

do one of Lucas *u*
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>XD Thanks! Soon enough I'll be able to sculpt a perfect 1/84th scale replica of the White House!

And thanks for the fave, babe :D
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kool beans! i like the glossy paint and i applaud it's smallness.
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It's actually a lil bigger than my previously completed sculputres, though not drastically. :D Count Bleck is still the biggestest.
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