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Miis: TGWTG [Set 1]

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And my Mii-making rampage continues! The next few sets will be focused around the various reviewers of That Guy With The Glasses, starting with the primary six: Doug Walker's Nostalgia Critic, Lindsey Ellis' Nostalgia Chick, Lewis Lovhaug's Linkara, Joe Vargas' Angry Joe, Brad Jones (as himself), Brad Jones' Cinema Snob and Noah Antwiler's Spoony.

Why Brad and Cinema Snob Miis? The Cinema Snob is Brad's primary identity on the site, but he does so much stuff as himself that putting one without the other on the sheet didn't feel right.

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TGWTG Miis Set 5: [link]
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Can you make Sonic from One Punch Man?
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Haven't seen it, but I've been meaning to