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Destroyer of All Worlds sculpt

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Ah...! I'm still mad at this one for my fuck-ups, because I figure if I can shirk personal responsibility for anything, it's making a second right hand and gluing it to his body so that fixing it requires far too much work. (I included a picture of how the sculpture looked with the extra right hand for the hell of it.)


This is the Count Bleck sculpture you've all heard about, either via my Sculpey WIP dumps, or my hate-filled journal in regards to aforementioned fuck-up. It took most of the day to right the problems, but here he is, ready for his grand debut! He's been sculpted to reflect my interpretation of the character, rather than the official version, which is broader and stouter than what you see above.

As I've said in the past, Count Bleck was a challenge because he was a departure from what I've done up to this point, primarily Kirby stuff. Everything in Kirby starts out as a ball; Count Bleck is more rod-shaped, but as you can see it's still pretty unwieldy-looking. Still, the piece is stable due to the broad base, and it was fun despite all the road bumps. It's got me feeling ready to take on even more, tougher challenges - thinking of even making a sculpture of Phoenix Wright behind his courtroom desk.

The piece was sculpted in three parts: the body, the LEFT hand and wand, and the head with the right hand attached. Building it in parts made it easier to paint places that would have otherwise been difficult to reach (i.e., the entire area between the collar and the back of the head, the cape beneath his hand, the side of the wand facing the cape...so on, so forth. It also made baking easier because he is one TALL motherfucker; he peaks out a little over 10 1/4", which would be an uncomfortably tight fit in my oven - and as you can see, lying him on his side isn't an option with the shape of the base. I had to bake each part multiple times, but the body was the winner: it was actually made with multiple layers of Sculpey for each side, so I must have cooked it upwards of a dozen times. Yikes!

Sculpted from white sculpey, painted with cheap-o acrylic and fabric paints, glossed up with spray-on gloss and gloss additive. The string connecting the monocle to his cape is Stretch Magic wire, which is used predominantly for arts-n-crafts-made bracelets and such. Took about 2 months of work on and off.
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LOL, two right hands. If you are four dimensional you can simply turn it over and make it correct. Bad news, you aren't.

Excellent work, especially the painting on the lower part (feet?). Nice job handling his floating hands too.
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Oh man, having fourth-dimensional powers would have been so nice to have in fixing the hand...

Thanks a lot! It was challenging, but fun. Made me think. :D
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OMG its Count Bleck in all his awesomeness!
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Wow! The paint job really finishes it off nicely!
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Dude, that's epic! :faint: Hey, at least you didn't get a comment with the inevitable "I didn't know he had 2 right hands..." and have the similarly inevitable fit to follow.

Looks great, especially the paint job on the bottom cape-flare thing. That must have taken forever, no?
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True, that would have been fifty times worse higwegjpwog4g I was literally one button click away from publishing the original piece here, too! I hadn't even thought of that. Thank you. XD

The cape flare actually didn't take too long! It was a fast sculpt and an easy paint job. The big swirls were a bit more of a task because they kept slouching backwards or forwards until I'd baked them, but hey, what can you do >_>
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XD yeah, don't it feel great (albeit still irritating as hell) when you catch that stuff? *sigh*

Maybe wire inside or something would've helped? As long as it worked in the end, that's what counts. (-count-s, get it? *is thwapped mercilessly*)
It's always the coolest-looking bits you spend the least amount of effort on, i've found. And then the bit you slaved over for hours, no one even notices. =.=
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I did use wire in the spirals, I just made the mistake of not putting most of their weight on the ground, you know? It was one of those compromises I talked about before, but I wasn't willing to make it ^_^ So it was really my fault more than anything else, but it still worked out!

Oh man, don't I feel that...and it applies to all sorts of art! Tons of people have faved that Francis Hates Everything stamp, which I didn't do much on - I just made the frames and Some Random Guy animated it (I would have asked Julie if I'd known she knew how to do it...would have been significantly less embarrasing). Meanwhile, WWF has mostly been ignored. XD That's the art world for you, amirite?
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Ahh, yeah. Well, it worked in the end, and it looks great. Luck of the draw, I guess.

So true... I'm pretty weirded out that WWF is getting so little attention - I'm still about 4 chapters behind =.= but still, it's amazing and I know I'll eventually catch up if only by sheer force of will. One doesn't even need to know the show, really; it can stand alone, albeit a few references that help.

I got a ton of stuff on that one pic of me and the RX-7...I only posted it on a whim. *sigh* It's not even -art- per se.:no:
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I dunno, I think it's just my destiny to languish in obscurity. I was sure that getting an endorsement from Sio would do the job, but...

I'm sure part of it is the fact that people just don't like reading. Comics are so much easier to get into because you exchange words with pictures, so there's less reading and more seeing. -_-; Or in your case, there's just an obscene amount of car lovers on dA. It's frustrating, isn't it?
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I thought so too, but it just goes to show... look at how much attention the fanclub's getting, too. >.<

That's probably it. So sad, how people really hate reading nowadays. Even TOSW is under the same stress - me and J are totally addicted to both, but we're practically the only ones. *sigh* I gotta start commenting on WWF, too, I've been really lax about that. :hug:

You gotta wonder about an -art- community where a spontaneous photo gets more comments than a beautiful creation like WWF or TOSW that's been slaved over for ages. (not that I'll ever stop loving dA, if only for all the great people I've met here, yourself included :XD:)
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I guess people just have different priorities, you know? Ah well, what can you do. WWF is still young yet (I keep forgetting that the amount of chapters I've edited ≠ the amount of chapters I've posted), so we'll see how big it winds up being.

There are a lot of great dA peoples here (and yes, this counts you :D), and honestly without this site my life would be a lot emptier. XD
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omg that came out great!! the paint job is win and the new hand looks perfect
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Thanks very much. That makes me feel a little better about the screw-up. XD
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glad i could help ^^
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