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I've opened up my Discord server to the general public.

Come join us!
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Additionally gold tier ($5) patrons gain access the Patreon specific channel.
Where they can give suggestions, make requests during upcoming art streams, etc.
Ok, yeah... HI, I'm not dead!

Though I did take a semi-unexpected hiatus..

I took a long break from.. well.. everything for a bit.. I needed to reset myself after everything that's happened in my life over past couple of years, and especially the last few months..

I needed to figure out where I was, what I was doing and where I was ultimately going..
Honestly there was a period for a couple of months where I considered giving up on art entirely.. That's how much things have changed in my life.. Obviously I decided against that..

After that break was over, I started spending some time getting reacquainted with myself and what I want to do with my art instead of worrying about the previous pile of backlog that had honestly been causing a kind of crippling anxiety which was really preventing me from getting much of anything accomplished..

So, in short.. New content is coming.. More than you might think..
No longer being completely artistically burned out and restained by a to-do list helps quite a bit.
Long time no see'n'stuff... =P

Going to see about making my DA account more active. :meow:

Plz to vote here, k thx.

For those curious where my production queue is sitting..

Have a look over here:…

I'll be updating it as things change.
Well, it's done.
I've resigned from Cats N'Camera's as a result of irreconcilable creative differences.. 
Unfortunate but necessary..

Frankly given the authors feelings of late I'll be surprised if it continues with another artist... But I wish him the best..
At least I got to do a whole chapter before this..


Thanks to working on the comic, I was basically forced to get better fast.... So my production speed is several orders of magnitude above what it was even a month ago.. I will be directing that towards my efforts with new clients.

I am currently open for commissions, and will be working on finishing what I haven't had a chance to thanks to the comic.. My schedule has cleared significantly...

You will see new YCH, probably several a week, popping up within the next day or so... Just need to get myself sorted after this.. change..

There will also be some Patreon related changes and improvements I will announce in a little bit.

I've had a bit of a stumble, but now I'm ready to kick things into high gear like I've never been able to in the past.
Welp... As some people know.
I'm now the new artist of the long running webcomic, Cats'N'Cameras.

Today marks my official debut:

What's this also going to mean, other than being a steady part-time job for me?
Well, in addition to this my commission queue is quite full thanks to a big spending customer of mine.
So it'll probably be mid January before I put up another YCH or open up for further commissions.

But YAY! I'm so happy about this!

Question for friends and watchers.

Which of you uses Telegram?

Also, stickers, wut?

EDIT: Installed Telegram for PC to use in conjunction with my phone. 

I like it. 
Expect stickers.

I've really been neglecting this place... >u>;

I'm in the process of moving in to my new InkBunny and older but previously unused Weasyl accounts.


And here:

Feel free to watch me there if you have an account, I'll be using them from now on in addition to FA, DA and Tumblr.
Providing they don't prove more useless than DA...

The first thing I've noticed is... wow these communities are smaller...
And InkBunny kinda has some annoying server issues..

Other relevant info here:
Patreon, and other plans..Ok, a couple things of note right now.
I've finalized what I'm planning to do with my Patreon.
$1.00 or more per month
-Ability to submit requests.
-Access to Patreon timed exclusive content.
-WIP's of upcoming content.
-Completed art before it shows up in my galleries.
$5.00 or more per month
-HD resolution copy of the artwork.
-A thank you credit in the artwork description where I post it, including a link to a profile page or website of your choosing. (optional)
Put simply.. 
$1 a month is enough for you to send me art requests, running in an order of first come, first served.
The more funding I get, the more I'll create per month, and your r
Ok, a couple things of note right now.

I've finalized what I'm planning to do with my Patreon.

$1.00 or more per month
-Ability to submit requests.
-Access to Patreon timed exclusive content.
-WIP's of upcoming content.
-Completed art before it shows up in my galleries.

$5.00 or more per month
-HD resolution copy of the artwork.
-A thank you credit in the artwork description where I post it, including a link to a profile page or website of your choosing. (optional)

Put simply.. 
$1 a month is enough for you to send me art requests, running in an order of first come, first served.
The more funding I get, the more I'll create per month, and your request(s) will move ahead sooner.
There are additional bonuses as listed above.

Request Instructions: Send me a message via Patreon if you can.
If not, send me a message (preferably a note) here.
Please note: if your username differs between these websites, verification may be required.
(Don't worry, it's easy.)

If there are no requests in line, to keep things moving along I will do one of the following..
- Come up with something myself.
- Go to a random patron that hasn't had a request yet and see if they have any ideas.
- Failing the first two, post a journal here about it to see if someone here has any thoughts, patron or otherwise.

I've now done away with the original concept of monthly raffles because with the way this works, that has become somewhat redundant.

With FA having become a highly ineffective place to advertise due to recent events and DA having been utterly useless and only maintained because it's basically a habit for the past two years.. I've realized I need to expand my gallery presence to other sites.

My Tumblr is doing alright, but it's not exactly an art site by any definition.. So I've decided on a couple things.

As of tonight or tomorrow I'm going to sign up at InkBunny finally, though it may take me a bit to get around to uploading.
I'm also going to be taking a look at reviving my barely used Weasyl and SoFurry galleries.

Links will be posted later when I do any of that.
People that bitch about artists that use Patreon make me laugh... Like wow, excuse us for trying to get compensation for our time..

Want free wank material? Go to an ad driven porn site, you have no right to complain when you pay nothing to begin with.

No one has complained to me yet.... But I've observed it..
And so help me if anyone DOES get on my case... I'm not nice when provoked. ^u^

Some of us literally can't afford the time out of the day to "draw because we feel like it" these days, additional motive is needed.

ANYWAY... Refer to previous journals for what's up.. That's all I have to say for now..
>>>>> <<<<<

With the loss of one of my more significant Patreon backers (understandable reasons), as well as a few other complications that's happened with it, I've decided to restructure it a bit...

It's no secret I've had a hard time finding my footing with that thing... So I've decided to do what a lot of other artists have done.
My Patreon will largely be used for exclusive artwork, with censored preview versions appearing on my other galleries say... two to three months prior to them being released publicly.
Though don't worry, commissions and non-patreon uncensored art will still show up in my galleries, but there will be enough patreon stuff to provide a little incentive, it's only a dollar... :P

All content will also fall in with my new lineart technique I've been using... It's considerably more efficient and will ensure I can actually keep up with it along side everything else.

I've also decided to do away with the content voting... It was awkward and needlessly complicated..
Instead, if you're funding me, drop me message on patreon with a request, I'll be open to basically anything within reason.
This is as close as I'll get to doing free requests folks, $1 a month buys you the ability to request stuff, that's it.. $1..

I'll also be adjusting the content tier's a bit.


In other news, commissions are still open.
A mere $15 USD get's you something like this.. 

Mature Content

Commission - LionHairedChild by TehZee

Or this.. 

Mature Content

Commission - Sabre-Mc by TehZee

And lastly, a new YCH is coming by the end of the week.

>>>>> <<<<<
Ok, so... I need to open up commission slots earlier than expected.. I wanted to wait until I had my current batch finished, which it almost is, but I need to get things rolling a few days sooner.. Things have come up, and well, to be honest we wouldn't have had food this week if it wasn't for my aunt.. so.. I need to do something about this.

A new YCH is coming in a day or so, but I'm also accepting regular commissions. But in the interest of keeping things moving along and as a result of a few changes to my process, I'll be limiting it to digital color sketches.

I need to come up with a new pricing guide and examples... But for now basically..
Lineart more or less like this (but smoother.. I found a new brush):………

With coloring more or less like this:………

$15 USD per-character.
Detailed backgrounds can be added at a negotiated price.

As stated above, the result will be better than those examples as I've come up with a new technique with a better brush, I just don't have a usable example right at the moment.

I just really need to get some new commissions in the queue, and every bit helps.
OKAY... SO....

I'm not dead, and I'm finishing up a few current commissions/projects... TAKEN MUCH LONGER THAN EXPECTED OH GAWD...

A few changes incoming on how I proceed with art that will be more compatible with my recent schedule to keep things moving along.. As a result a few changes to my rates for future commissions, and a few adjustments to what I will actually be offering from this point forward.

I'm kind of in need to getting funding rolling in again after playing catchup this long, so expect a new YCH set soon with a few changes to the process to drastically speed up the turn around time, I kinda bit off more than I could chew with the last one.

Also expect a fair sized art spam in the next couple weeks... I've been busy and have a lot of posting to do...

OH.. And um.. if things work out in the next bit, expect talk of something interactive in a little while.. >.> I had a few ideas..
A notice of a new pair of WIP's that are being voted on for the coming month.… (Must be signed in and a Patron)
Patreon: CHICA or AMY by TehZee

Also a reminder, I have a Patreon, and it's working now.

I'll be moving this to scraps or possibly deleting once everything is finished.

Sidenote: Other art coming soon. Including more YCH stuff.
Like the title says.. Anyone who's interested get your paypal accounts ready.

First pose should go up by or before the weekend, just need to get a few things taken care of.
(FIRST! I am open for COMMISSIONS! My price sheet is out of date... so drop me a note and ask me about rates if interested.)

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED in the last few months it's not even funny..
A lot of it not so good...
SOME of it fantastic and has paved the way for 2015 to be the year I return with a vengeance..

I am now in the possession of Manga Studio 5, which introducing some fundamental changes to how I do art as it is vastly superior to what I've been using.
Lineart changes are incoming, you'll still see some older style lines for a bit because I have a bit of a backlog, but something new is on it's way.

As some of you have seen by two recent pieces... I am a 3D modeller, and back in college I had a particular nack for environments and game map design.. I'm bringing that back for backgrounds on my 2D artwork.
Advantages to this? Once I build a scene (from scratch.. I don't use template models. =P), I can reuse it at different angles as many times as I want as well as add or remove things, or completely change the look of it by swapping out materials and lighting.
The end result being unprecedented scene detail and depth better than anything I could draw in 2D.. It's something I wish I thought of.. oh.. I dunno... 6 years ago?..

And last but not least...
I've discovered a bit of freeware, that if I can figure it out, I'm going to be making a return to flash and animations...
Are you a fan of interactive adult animations and games? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if I can get this working right..
Being as a series of interactive animations/games would be... time consuming.. I'm probably going to be looking to Patreon for funding..
You scratch my back I'll scratch yours kind of deal... More on that later.

In short, this year is going to see the development of new skills, and the return of some old ones most of you probably didn't know I had.

(OH, and I'm working on replying to comments.. ^^; So busy...)

One thing I learned in graphic design class that DeviantArt doesn’t grasp… 

If you have to explain a logo design, it’s already failed.