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:icontehuti:tehuti 13 0
Escape From Manitou Island 125
Parting Ways

NISKIGWUN MADE AN even more pathetic figure now, Charmian believed, than he had just after Megissogwun had torn out his wings and left him lying battered in Cutfoot's lodge.  He was still standing, at least, though his head hung so much that she wondered why he didn't just sit down.  His wings hung limply as well; every so often they'd flare just a bit, then sink again, and she wondered in addition why they didn't simply fall off, they looked so lifeless now.
She approached him tentatively, biting her lip and walking partway around him, at a distance, trying to gauge his mental state by the look on his face.  In the dimming light she couldn't see him very well, but his posture said everything.  She halted and fiddled her fingers a bit before drawing closer, to at last come to a halt several feet away.  He didn't even acknowledge that he noticed her presence, and she thought that perhaps he'd fallen asleep, u
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Escape From Manitou Island 124
Swapping Stories

THE LEADER OF the Animiki halted in his tracks, turning to look at Charmian.  She didn't get to make out the look that he gave her, however, as a voice in her head shouted so suddenly that she gasped and nearly fell over.
Charmian's mouth fell open and she pitched to the side, grasping at her head.  Instantly her vision of the large group of Thunderbirds vanished, and she saw the Red Swan standing before her in what looked to be the cave, wringing her hands.  The look on her face was so terribly aggrieved that Charmian instantly felt a pang of anxiety, hoping that something hadn't gone wrong.  She took a mental step forward.
"Red Swan!  What is it--?"
"You didn't even notice--?" the Red Swan cried.  "That horrible brute did something to me!  I don't even know what it was--but I couldn't get back in touch with you!"
Charmian's brow furrowed.  "Who--?"
"That person
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Escape From Manitou Island 123
The Right Of Revenge

EVERYONE GASPED, then fell to the ground, Little Wind and Charmian among them.  Little Wind's manitou fireball went sailing off harmlessly over Charmian's head, then turned in midflight and immediately zipped back toward the others, steering clear of the young wabano; Charmian's fireball flew over the others' heads as they'd all ducked when the blinding light and horrific noise filled the air, almost at once.  It was a few seconds before Charmian could regain her senses and realize that the noise had nothing to do with Little Wind's attack, and then she was just confused.
Her head shot up and the first thing she noticed was that her hair was prickling.  She blinked.
As if on cue, Kenu popped up to his feet and pointed at the sky.  "ANIMIKI!" he yelled joyfully.
Charmian blinked again, then she and Little Wind and the others all glanced westward.
It had been overcast to begin with--it s
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Escape From Manitou Island 122
Unfriendly Banter

CHARMIAN HAD TO frequently rub at her eyes as they walked, the landscape slowly changing the further westward they went.  She yawned now and then, and Thomas peered at her as she blinked, but she didn't ask anyone to stop so he didn't raise his voice.
They ventured vaguely southward as well, and after time she began to notice the edge of the glacier slowly creeping away to the north.  Trees became more frequent as well, and giant rocks littered the ground more often, left behind by the glacier's retreat.  She tried to keep the three mountains in view for as long as she could, but mists moved in and obscured them, and eventually they passed through small copses of trees and she wouldn't have been able to see them anyway.  She sighed and rubbed her hands together before tucking them in her sleeves.  Her head still throbbed and ached, and she felt sorry for Mani, who weaved a little as he walked, but at lea
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Escape From Manitou Island 121
Covering The Dead

CHARMIAN BLINKED, HER skin and hair starting to prickle in the electricity which suddenly filled the air--when Kenu's eyes flashed brilliant yellow and an awful CRACK reverberated throughout the lodge, making everybody gasp and hit the floor as if a war had just started.  The only ones who remained standing were Little Wind, Charmian, and Kenu, though the former two were cringing and just about ready to drop.  They all stared at Kenu.  The little Animiki was glowing, his eyes nothing more than two brilliant yellow lights and his teeth gnashing, his fingers crooking like talons.
"YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KILLED GRANDFATHER?" he boomed, his voice as loud and awful as it had ever been.
Little Wind put his arms over his head, whimpering in terror.  "You mean--you mean--THAT'S his grandson--?!" he squealed, shaking like an aspen tree.
Charmian threw her own arms up.  "What do you THINK?" she y
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Mature content
100Themes--Seeking Solace :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Judgement :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Running Away :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Dead Wrong :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
100Themes--33 Percent
THEME:  11.  "33%"
STORYLINE:  D Is For Damien storyline, Minot spinoff series, IDentity (unwritten novel)
RATING:  PG-13 (mild adult language)
WORD COUNT:  1700+ words
SUMMARY:  Okay.  This is one of those themes that I look at and say, "WTF...??"  33%?  What am I supposed to do with that?  I considered Googling "33%" and seeing what stats showed up, what one-third of something is significant in the world, but am lazy and unmotivated.  So I had to think of what one-third of something could be significant among my Minot characters.  An image that I'd already come up with popped into my head, and though I don't see how I could make an entire scene/story out of it, I decided I may as well try.  As such, since I'm writing this pretty much as it springs to mind it might be shorter than usual, but meh, here's your 33%.  (For another significant scene with thes
:icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
THEME:  10.  "Opportunities"
STORYLINE:  D Is For Damien storyline, Minot spinoff series, untitled/unwritten story
RATING:  PG-13 (mild adult language, adult themes)
WORD COUNT:  3400+ words
SUMMARY:  Russell Whittaker is a character I never really cared about much...until recently, when I started writing some more adult scenes with him and exploring his admittedly bland personality more.  All I really knew of him was he's very naive and cheery, very easily used, and very needy.  Seriously, this guy has had a really messed-up life and been in God knows how many crappy relationships, just for the sake of being in a relationship, ANY could somebody like this remain so perpetually optimistic?  I'm still not sure; I sure could take a lesson from him, if I knew how.  Anyway, Russell is one of my earlier dissociative character
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Mature content
100Themes--Death :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Gateway :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Eternity :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
Mature content
100Themes--Obsession :icontehuti:tehuti 0 0
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I have nowhere to turn, nobody I can turn to anymore.

I just posted to a "friendly" subReddit (I checked it out first, everybody seemed really supportive) begging for just a little bit of encouragement/support. Yes, my post was stupidly long as always. But I did post a comment apologizing for that and I never expect anyone to read most of my stuff anyway. I just really need a little human encouragement to keep holding on right now.

Within a half hour nobody had commented (understandable) but somebody did take the time to downvote it. My pain is an annoyance to somebody else. Somebody else I don't even know. Like it always is. No matter how much I apologize. It's never enough. My very existence is an inconvenience. I have no purpose, nobody wants me. Why am I still here? Why?

I feel like completely giving up. Just wandering off into the snow in my house clothes and letting the cold take me. It's like falling asleep, isn't it? It hurts at first but then you get sleepy and you just...go. It'd be such a relief. Nobody would miss me because so far, nobody has. That's why I'm hurting and why I poured my broken heart out there in a place where nobody knows me and hoped for just a little human encouragement. Instead I just got a slap to the face. I'm not wanted there. I'm not wanted anywhere. In fact the only reason I'm even posting this here is because I don't have any other journals/blogs...gave up on them years ago. Nobody cared there either. Nobody ever cares.

I don't belong anywhere. Anywhere. I have nobody. No one. Nowhere. I don't know what to do. Please God just don't let me wake up, why do You keep letting me wake up? I'm so tired of life. I'm not meant to be alive. You've proven that. So why can't You just let it end? Why?


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United States
Amateur fantasy serial writer & lover of all things Mackinac Island! (Well, except the Grand Hotel.)

Current Residence: Cheboygan, northern lower Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Pop/rock, movie scores, symphonic metal
Operating System: I don't have a medical degree!! (HAR)
MP3 player of choice: Do CD players count...?
Shell of choice: I like cowries ^_^
Wallpaper of choice: Forests and trees!
Skin of choice: The one I was born in (HAR HAR)
Favourite cartoon character: Damien & Charmian (my own)
Personal Quote: Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.--Carl Jung


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