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Lunch break on the Omegamatic

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This is my first attempt (to my memory) at drawing a Commander Keen cartoon strip. As with anything I do that requires substantial effort, it's been a WIP for at least a couple weeks, and I think I put more effort into the artwork than the joke really deserves, but I kinda like it anyway. Hope you enjoy, and give criticisms too--it's the only way I'll learn :P

Oh, and I don't know what a little ampton would want with a marshmallow. But there's a lot of 'em on the Omegamatic so roll with me on that one.
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Your Shikadi are truly horrifying.

Sugar power cells:…
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Yeah, I think Shikadi are awesome and I always try and do justice to those expressions of terror Keen had at the Oracle.

That must be why the Shikadi stockpiled so much candy: fuel cells! (And the valuable bags o' sugar are the most purified fuel of all.)
I think your backgrounds in the first three panels are stellar. The creature-of-the-month (or is it foob-of-the-month?) calendar is an unexpected yet humorous touch.
I can't read the text on the Ampton in the second panel. What does it say?
Does the usage of "clown" by the Little Ampton make reference to one of the nicknames Mortimer gives Keen?
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Thank you! :) The text on the Ampton's face says "whinge.bat". Also, I didn't intend for "clown" to be a reference to Mortimer (I just think it's a funny word) but we can pretend that's an easter egg, too. ;P
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Ah ha! It's nice to see things from the enemies' perspective in this game! 
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=) Well I've always been interested in kinda what goes on while Keen isn't around. Part of what makes Keen so great is that the games and their characters have a ton of personality, so there's a lot of room for speculation on that front.
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