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This is like the first time I used stock! I was browsing through da and this picture just looked nice so I wondered about doing a vector of it. So here we are. Again I spent some time doing this.
Photoshop Pen Tool :)
You can see where I've been quite clever, keywords: Juxtapose, Negative Shape, Volume, Depth. haha
Oh stock used: :iconanniemalmachine:
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Awesome piece. Very impressive.
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Hey thanks, sorry I didn't reply sooner.
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I loke the way the dots show the form of the body. its every cool. Also, its nice that you reply to everyones comments.
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yeah, you noticed then. I like how people take the time to comment especially when it's a criticism that is well thought out that makes me think about things. I appreciate all comments though like even 'oooh cool' -cause that is why I do what I do. So I reply to most comments. Like 99% :)

Thanks for your comment :)
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really nice work :d
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yea. nice use of negative space/white space.
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thanks for saying so :)
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perfect work, i like it a lot :)


awesome gallery
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Simple, but incredibly effective! I think you have made it look a lot easier than it would be in reality to create such a great piece - Nice One!!
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With vectors I spend atleast 5 hours doing them. 20hours on some of the more detailed ones like this. I think the time spent shows through in art though. Generally the more you put in the more you get out. My dad was an art teacher and is a bit opposite. He likes to stop when he feels like he is knitting (adding tiny details) but I am enough of an obsessive to want to get it exactly how I want it, regardless of the monotamy :P

I am a very slow and diligent even in traditional media. Most marks I make are maticulously considered and then I end up going over them later on :) Thanks for the comment :)
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Very Nice vector :D
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I love how the negative space of the face area completely provides every detail..without any. <3
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thanks. :) Negative Space is the bomb :)
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Incredible use of negative space, especially on the dots on the shirt.
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Thanks ^^ Since doing this piece alot of my work has made use of negative space. I think the times my art teacher harped on about negative space finally got through my skull 5 years after the conversations :P
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its me and its nice! how can you do vectors?
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with capable programs: photoshop (pen tool), illustrator, fireworks, flash, etc.

Depending upon the program is the method. Some programs allow you to use a tool like a paint brush and it converts the mark made to a vector shape. I usually use a pen tool which lets you place points and edit tangents thusly making the shapes. The technique can take alot of layers and is different to conventional drawing, painting and digital art. Thanks for the comment and fav :)
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wow...nice & clean & simple...looks great!!
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thanks for that comment :)
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