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A symphony of silence falls upon winterstruck lands, the cold moon a brilliant solo audience.

The soft crunching of snow, a crescendo to the silent orchestra, belies the form of a massive beast rising. Sharp cracks of shattering ice echo in the frozen air as the wyvern rises, an unearthly glow of pale blue emanating from beneath its skin.

Its neck unfurls, its form becoming a dark silhouette against winter’s moon.

The Frost Wyrm leaps into winter’s night sky, a whiteout squall in its wake as creatures scurry further into their dens, wisps of smoke from their hot breathe insulting the perfect winter.


An abstract watercolor painting. It is hard to break free of comfort zones, and I try to do so here. I enjoy working with really tight details, but the freedom of abstraction -can- be a nice change of pace, and offer an entire new way to approach adding new vocabulary to a visual language.

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This is an amazing piece. The darkness of it is the perfect touch. Amazing detail and great color technique. Excellent work!  If you get time please give feedback on some of my art. 
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I like how the wyvern looks like a wraith in the night, those dark spikes remind me greatly of icicles but black. 
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THANK YOU! This comment is EXACTLY what I was going for in the piece but did not have the words for myself. Much appreciated! :)
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You're welcome
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