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Say no to Eclipse! 
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Thank you so much!
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Out of a need to understand, what exactly about eclipse is worth the vitriol? It looks like just an ordinary aesthetic change so far. . . Not unlike the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or the periodic changes to YouTube. I don't see any functionality that has been removed in this update, so I'm curious as to why its receiving so much anger. . .

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*The new system is incredibly buggy. I'm hearing reports that people feel as if it's not even close to launch
*People find the interface hard to navigate
*Free coding is being blocked; all the HTML flair on your page will be gone(which i spent hours on)
*A lot of people find the aesthetic to be unappealing
*DA has been green since I was 13... I'm 30 now. It just seems crazy to change it after almost two decades
*It seems to be tailor-made for CORE members, which will alienate all the free users

Honestly, the ONLY positive I have heard regarding Eclipse... and this is from it's defenders... is simply "You'll get used to it". Nothing more. So, it's kinda a red flag when even the positive people can't say anything nice.

There's currently a petition up with almost 12,000 signatures. So there's a very strong backlash to this.
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Alright, I can definitely see the free coding being blocked as an issue. That says that they must have overhauled their entire webdesign (probably due to Flash being retired and gosh knows what Java is doing at this point). Perhaps its something that they'll fix later. On a positive note, you are still able to use HTML in descriptions and comments.

I'm not defending the decision to focus on CORE members, but it makes logical sense for DA as a company to incentivise buying a membership. (Once again, don't agree with it, I like free things).

In some positive things to say on Eclipse. . . . As much as I liked the green of DA, I really like the Light's Out option for the page, now. Its a lot easier on my eyes and doesn't blind me when I use it. I've also noticed that .GIFs no longer take 5 minutes to load (its instantaneous now) which is fantastic and I'm more inclined to post animations because of it. They have the option for creating a portfolio on your page with help from Wix so that you can just link that to potential schools or employers (which is great for many professional artists). I also like the decision to put the subgroups of a person's gallery on a top bar instead of a left-side bar (which personally I never saw and missed out on a lot of content because of it). Also, giving the option to see a person's gallery in its entirety regardless of which subgroup the poster put it in is nice too. (Just some things that I personally like from this.)

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Just touching on CORE being the focus... DA began as a free art site. They had the points added so you could buy artwork and give them to people... but it was always free. CORE added, sure okay... benefits for some people. But the focus? They're kinda forgetting who they are and where they come from now.

If people are happy to convert to Eclipse, that's great. And I'll probably open a new account to follow my friends and favorite artists. But as for a contributor, I'll prolly leave my page dormant. I mainly opened this account to keep a collection of all my works.

One thing for sure, your current avatar/profile picture will work nicely on Eclipse. :D
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Fuck eclipse!
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Dude stop copy and pasting the same sentence over and over!
SAY NO TO ECLIPSE!(animated) by Ghoststylon  
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He's not the only one who does this I see...
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shut the fuck up
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No, clown. Stop being a sheep.
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