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Tehrainbowllama's Guide to MMD Rigging Hacks

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Hey, everyone! ♥
Here's a tutorial for you. I hope you enjoy!
Here are the links for the plugins: (Extract them under "_plugin" folder in .Pmd/.Pmx editor folder!)
Skirt Plugin
Weight Transfer Plugin
Hope this helps! Have a nice day. :D
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Thank you so much for this! is there a way to delete the rigging from a bone?

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I'm guessing gradiant rigging is what I need to make sleeves smoothly bend with the hands ^^

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Thank you so much! This has helped me get around a wall with one of my personal projects that had me stumped!

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Hi! I’ve been trying to rig a outfit to a model for quite some time using the Transfer Weight plugin. The clothes move with the body, but some vertices keep going weird places when moved, like the pants go to far and part of a jacket seems to want to go with the sleeve, any way you can maybe help? I’d appreciate it! 
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Weight Transfer Plugin
Error when I load the saved weight data before ( Input string was not in a correct format ).
I tried exporting in * .txt and * .csv format, but no one has loaded
Please! Help!
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Hey trying to physics rig an open jacket, anyone know how I go about doing that? Physics plugin or doing it manually?
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I did the tutorial and gives an error... Please help :c

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 Ey I know this is a really late response, but the issue (I think) is the version of PMXEditor your using. The plugins should work with this version  PmxEditor 0219(English) by Vadim07  
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I used this version, and the error happens every time I try to work with plugin
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Can you help me with something? My model has a side ponytail, but it doesn't move with the rest of the hair/head.
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Look if your ponytail is rigged.

Also If the ponytail have a bone, it might be not connected to your head bone. So that might be why it dont follow.
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Ummm... Could you do an english PMX version of the same thing? Just to be sure? 
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Thanks ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ!!!!!
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When i download "Skirt Plugin" i extract them under "plugin" folder and i open PMXE skirt plugin doesn't work... help me!
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It's only for PMDE
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skirt plugin isn't only for PMDE it's for PMXE too.
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Okay, so I downloaded the Skirt plugin.. and it gave me an error. My PMX still opens tho, but it gave me a HUGE error D:
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How? I tried & it gave me an error too X(
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you have to unblock pmde's zip folder in the file properties, then, extract it.plugins should work now
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