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MMD Assorted Books

Hello, everyone!
Here are some books that I made for MMD; I hope that you enjoy them!
They come in 3 different versions, they are rigged and textured, and they were 100% made by me in Metasequoia.
You may edit these books and their textures, size, etc. if you wish.  Just no redistribution, please.
Thank you, and have a nice day. Happy MMD'ing! ♥
Wooden figurine by: Omomasu. I would love to hear some feedback!
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will this work with unity cause i was looking for a model to turn an ordinary book into a spell tome and i was wondering if the open close will work for both unity and MMD (pls message me as soon as possible)

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DL'd Thank you for your work~

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Downloaded ~ Thanks

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downloaded and can I use this in a project I'm working on, I will credit you in the description.

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I really needed a book model xD
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Dl'd (again, their just so good lol) thanks for sharing :3
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downloaded and keep up the good work.
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Downloaded ~
Thanks UWU 
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