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Self Portrait - Illustrator

Self portrait done for my illustrator class
(mostly using the "evil pen tool of dooooom!" as sarah calls it.)

There are some weird coloring issues that must've occurred when I saved it as a diff file type.. but I can't really fix it b/c I don't have illustrator on my home computer ):
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Very clean and graphic- love the sparkle in your eye ;)
Would you be willing to offer illustrator portrait commissions?
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fantastic work!
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beautiful portrait
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Augh, I hate the pen tool, this is very impressive!
hey first of all wonderful work there and second of all could u pls explain a bit about your coloring technic?
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Well I used Illustrator.. so I used the pen tool to draw shapes, using my face as a reference and just tried to pick colors as close to the actual color as I could, then made some of them darker or lighter.. w/e it needed. Its really just a bunch of shapes on top of each other. Its similar to layers.. I dont know if you've ever used Illustrator before so.. haha
Its kinda like cutting out pieces of construction paper and gluing them together.
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i LOVE this! How do you do it? IM new to Illustrator
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haha, its basically all making shapes with the pen tool.
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:P what do you mean?
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OMFG IT'S YOOUU! God, you're really amaxing :D Can't wait to see ya ;)
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A clean and technically flawless vector. It's got personality as well. :)
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beautiful job. You really captured all the details. The eyes are exceptional. Lovely composition :)

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oOo!! great job liss~
looks so much like you :D
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Its gorgeous. You wouldn't know how to airbrush in illustrator, would you?
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hey! stop being uber 1337 at art stuff D=<
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This is really awesome :)
its pretty, you two btw.
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Yayy! You uploaded it! It came out so well. I just want to cry mine is so much worse. XD And I was proud of it.
No one can believe you're that good. XD
This is gorgeous! Truly amazing! You are phenomenal!
I'm jealous!
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Nice work! I like the way you did your eyes.
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wow, that's awsome! n_n
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