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Guess who ate a Mango? On Wednesday? Did you guess? It was me!
Okay, another one.
Guess who got poison ivy on their mouth and a patch on the cheek? On Thursday? Eh? Trickier this time isn't it?
If you guessed it was me again, you guessed wrongly; it wasn't poison ivy, it was evil despicable mango that is so sweet and juicy but conceals doom and disaster in its red and yellow wrappings.

I didn't connect it at first, I thought it was a cold sore (started with a little bunch of fluid-filled blisters, and googling that in conjunction with the mouth brought up cold-sores).
Then I stumbled across this little gem: Mangoes actually contain urushiol (which FireFox insists is not a word) in their peel. Perhaps their pit? I couldn't find any info on that. I don't remember coming into too much contact with the peel itself, but I did nibble around the stone a little bit. Maybe just eating the flesh that was in contact with the peel was enough.
Something was enough.
I look like a spokesperson for the dangers of collagen injection.

I suppose in some ways it's better than a cold-sore, in other ways it's a blasted nuisance.

The sticker just said 'Mango' 'Product of blablelba'.
The sticker didn't say 'Mango' 'harbinger of stinging and misery, handle with care'.

Okay, misery is pushing it. Does sting though. If I didn't have church I'd take some more antihistamine (very sleep-making). As it is, I suppose I'll try to sear the histamines out in the shower. I felt semi-normal (albeit bumbly-lipped) last time I did that.

At least I don't have it in my eyes o.o I rub my eyes a lot, I'm sure I must've several times that day.
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We have three mango threes at our house,plus Australia just has millions of them. They have this acidic stuff in the peel at the top near the stem. If you come in contact with that liquid it will cause scarring. My cousin, my mum, and a few of my friends have had this happen to them. There's nothing wrong with eating it to the seed, I do that all the time and have never had anything go wrong. But you should never touch the skin, especially if it isn't from your backyard, let alone your country, the pesticides, etc could have caused this, too. Though I'm betting my money of the liquid from the stem/top of the mango. Hope that was a bit useful. XD
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It's an allergic reaction. :P
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I've eaten mango before this and didn't have this reaction, I'm more inclined, actually, to think that it was a reaction to the urushiol. Which, I suppose, is a type of allergic reaction in and of itself xD

Blast Zen, now I shall have to carefully prepare and deskin a mango when I'm fully healed to test! >:c
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Awww "bad Mango!"
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No doubt! I would hate to give them up, but it will probably be a long time before I eat one again :( For one thing, I don't know if there's anyone that would be willing/able to peel it for me XD
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aww ;___; I hope you feel better soon!
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Shankyuu Nijishi! Having a bit of a whinge helped XD So did the shower, thankfully. With any providence, it should clear up sometime soon (I certainly feel as though I've been babying it!).
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Wow o.O, I hope you get better soon. I never heard of that and I love mango's.
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Yar, it's really the only explanation I have though, although my friend who also ate a mango didn't get it (but she's never had a reaction to urushiol that she's aware of).
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