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Make a Dragon Out of You

By TehJadeh
Have a vector of a painting that I'm working on!
I wanted to draw the dragons.

I'll finish up the painting soon. Right now, I've gotta get back to commissions and catch up with school work.

MLP:FiM, Spike and those other dragons (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust *fyre-flye
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I think this is Mulan reference
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Just think:  How to train your dragon Grunkle .w.
Reminds me of that song from Mulan.
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Oooh, MLP/Mulan! :D Me gusta ^_^
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I HATE those guys (not spike) they are hardly even dragons themselves if they can even call themselves dragons! First: A true dragon would never try to harm a phoenix, spiritually dragons and phoenixes are like brother and sister.
Second:True dragons wouldn't act like stupid arrogant teenage human jocks, dragons are known to have a greater level of intellect and reasoning, Spike has a bit of an excuse considering his young age and not living with his own kind. but those guys should be at least 65 in human years to be 13 in dragon years, so if they were true dragons they should know better
Sorry about my ranting, I just hate steriotypes
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Those are almost the exact same points I kept telling people when I ranted on "Dragon Quest".  I'm a fan of benevolent western dragons, rare as they may be, but not impossible.  I also have a Dragonology book, which also hinted at the relationship between dragons and phoenixes.  And about the Mulan reference, I'd rather have some wiser dragon put most of these guys through basic training, maybe Ember. 
Bysthedragon's avatar
Yeah, it was actually a long time since I posted that, and some of my opinions have changed. I still LOVE Dragons no less, they are in my mind the perfect creature but you can't have every single dragon be benevolent. That also means that not every dragon should be malevolent either so I hate how the MLP cannon treats dragons as being naturally hostile and greedy.
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:icongarbleplz: :iconsaysplz: Let's get down to business, to raid us, some gems.

:iconspikeplz: :iconsaysplz: But I don't think I'm ready.

:icongarbleplz: :iconsaysplz: Shuuut up, hatchling.
watchermatt's avatar
ooooh, that vas failure.
*whatever spike's plz account is. lol XD
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Spike,Raggle Frock and Garble Right?
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Do I have permission to use this vector for a project?
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spike really sucked in that episode.It's my fav
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update i now call the purple dragon ken
margaretzero's avatar
anyone know their names (besides spike)
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There's Garble, the red one. *TehJadeh should add that to the description.
margaretzero's avatar
how about the other two
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No official names on them, but I can guess who voiced each of 'em.
margaretzero's avatar
just give me anything. don't leave me hangin
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My best guesses are:
Matt Hill as Brown Teenage Dragon
Terry Klassen as Garble
Sam Vincent as Purple Teenage Dragon
margaretzero's avatar
i'll just call the two tord and edd
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